On new update (sadly no update to FD?)

Started by Madae


Slightly disappointed that Forgotten Dungeon hasn't been updated. At the very least, the mana crystal drop needs to be adjusted. Places like Barracks reward a comparably obscene amount of mana crystals, where every drop in FD is 5 and doesn't make any sense. The drops of items may need to be adjusted as well. They seem a lot more rare than other dungeons, but tbh, I don't really have an opinion either way on that - I've always felt this game should be more of a loot simulator than anything else, because it's the only thing, other than nostalgia, that drives people to play it, and if loot was easy to get, then the reason to play would be well diminished. At the very least, FD needs to be looked at because the reason for going there, other than exp, is at a severe disadvantage compared to other dungeons. You spend more than you get, and that is a problem.


FD's rare item droprate is horrible, but shopfood wise it's easily one of the best in the game. It just doesn't drop cash/mana really, but instead drops tons of mundane helms/talismans which vend/ether for a ton. If you're spending more than you get, you're either getting killed a lot or not picking anything up to sell either…