Prestige and casters

Started by dlofc


This is a game-breaker for me unfortunately but the way the casters get handicapped after prestige is ridiculous. After struggling for 125 levels, trying to run with my low-level warrior, it is just horrid. My wizard can't even heal himself from a critical wound, let alone the level 50 warrior with 1.5k hp. His shift is lucky to last the battle without being hit. I am not talking about running out of charges, I am talking about the spell just plain running out. He has a "204" sdm but it is scaled. If I restart, I can rebuild the wizard back to pre-prestige, where the spells work correctly, but other than that, I already lost all my progress and my chanter. It is beyond aggravating. Offer toon resets, I would pay cash to reset if when I found out what my wizard became, this horrid thing that my warrior, with a -10 sdm, can out cast. Also, there have to be better ways to work this than taking away the wizard's primary ability, it would equivalent to taking the melee toons and cutting the damage of their weapons and limiting armor. It is what the wizards do. I am worse off now than if I did start fresh, and I already put in the time to level this one to 1k. That is just my feedback, this is game-breaking to me, and to top that with not much of a guide to what happens at prestige, there is not much transparency for a player to judge off of as to what to do with it.


Get level 6 of your favorite spell circle and level 6 meditation. Run level appropriate content. Will be back to level 500+ within a few sessions.