Price for a few certain dyes...

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So yeah, just wondering why Light Orange and the flesh dyes at the clothing shops are still 5m gold? Been that way on FF forever and only reason I was reminded of the price is it is still that on the Elphame's Arena server. Now I can promise no one at all will be able to afford one on EA because of the low prices that everything brings as shopfood lmao. But even on FF that is extremely way to much gold for dyes that have been out for like ever lol.

I suppose my question is, are ya'll ever planning to lower those dyes prices to like something that makes even a little sense for them haha. I actually like light orange myself, wouldn't mind spending less on them. Bought like 8 of them a little while back for 40m on FF lol. -_-

Anyways cheers for reading.


Curious for a response from dev team on if this may happen or not lol.

KruuuuZe (Staff)

I believe Flesh and Light Orange dyes originally were increased to their current price many years ago on the Despothes Grove server, I'm guessing It was done as an attempted gold sink back then.

When FF launched, that price transferred over, same with EA. I could see the price being adjusted for EA at some point, but now that years have gone by and people have already saved and bought them at the current price on FF if they wanted them, It doesn't really feel fair to those buyers to now lower the price.

Plenty of gold and gold making opportunities out there if players on FF want to save for and buy them, I don't feel they are so overpriced on FF that they aren't obtainable for anyone who really wants them.


I am pretty sure no one else but me even has bought them because of their price lol. I personally see no unfair action being taken in lower prices for them. Sure gold is easy enough to get on FF, but that doesn't justify the ridiculous price for a few dyes that are not even Sovereign dyes.

I mean it is your game, do as you please. But I feel not either making the price via gold much more reasonable or changing them to Sovereign dyes is a mistake. That is just me though.

Thank you for the response I suppose.

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