Proposal: 3sq range weapon with damage based on dex

Started by Steve


Pole/Spear/Staff/Stick/Halbred/ whatever
just something that could have low base damage/high attacks/extra attributes to make up for the low damage.. idk i think it would be easy/a nice mix and maybe could even swap existing weapons into this category?

Gimli (Staff)

Although I will add that if there was a dex 3sq weapon it would deal a lot less damage to account for the lower risk


Perhaps a strength-based high range weapon, too? Shotput for 8 square range or something? I already think strength characters are the weakest stat build unless you're fighting an easy monster that you can beat down in one or two turns. A thrower with high dex does comparable damage to a high strength hitter but the dex character has way higher survivability due to being able to use the shift spell.

Gimli (Staff)

Cleave will change a lot of the imbalance between str and dex characters