Proposed MTX Option

Started by Skies


I would like to propose the game offer paid character boosts. I've talked about this a few times in the Discord to varied reactions so I would like to formally write something up here.

First, what exactly I'm talking about when I say a paid boost.
The potential purchaser must have a Noble account or higher. (In case you guys have more tiers in the future)
The character cannot be of Prestige 1 or higher
The character goes from 1 (or whatever it is currently at) to 1,000 only
The character receives no skill unlocks, no money, no gear
The purchase simply takes the character to 1,000 with the stats/looks created and that's it.

Paid character boosts are offered in most MMOs currently on the market, at least the ones I've logged in to. I realize the smaller size of The Realm makes this seem more like a pay-to-win scenario so I would also like to address some of the concerns/cons people have mentioned when I've talked about this.

"This is just pay-to-win." - While it would be the purchase of 1,000 levels, with the introduction of Prestige and higher tiers of gear than classic Realm used to offer, this isn't really winning. You still have 1,000 more levels, or more with higher Prestige unlocks released, to gain along with the skills and gear/spells. While you can simply gear an alt with enough runs from a main, you still have the Prestige levels to go.

"Why would you even bother?" - Well there are a few reasons. Admittedly my first and primary reason is laziness. Leveling only appeals so much and then I just want it to be over with. Secondly I'll use a current member of the community as an example. [Note: This is just an example and in no way do I claim this person's opinion follows my logic or that I speak for them in any manner.] Goofsta has stated he has I believe it to be 12 accounts with 2,000 levels. Should he want to try a different set of stats or make a new account he can paid boost instead of leveling all over again to make it easier to incorporate the new character/account into his team. While leveling isn't particularly hard, some people just like to get to the good parts of the game which typically take place at max level. Third, perhaps you have a friend who you convince to play and for whatever reason they don't want to be level 1. A paid boost allows them to jump in at a more even footing than being completely new. (Sounds odd, and it is, but I see it a lot in WoW.)

"The game is about leveling!" - Subjective, as I would guess the game is about different things to different people. This however doesn't fully remove leveling from the process as there is still the Prestige levels.

"It's a waste of money." - I mean, possibly, but it's someone else's money. Let them live their best Realm life!

These are just a few, and I'm sure there are more, but I'm sick and my brain isn't fully functioning.

I know the implementation of something like this is a long shot but I do think it's worth looking at. Multiple games offer it and if done correctly it's simply a way to skip leveling without tilting the balance of power for people.

Now bring on the hate!


I think its good as long as its not pay to boost the final prestige.


I like your ideas, as long as it's not too expensive for those that have multiple accounts. I too have gotten sick of the grind of 6 characters, however, I like having all of them. I wouldn't mind paying for something like this.


Seems like win-win, brings more people to game and brings more money to development.

P2W arguments are weak in mainly a PvE game. In the above type system (Only to 1k, not prestige) all PvP benefits (Level 6 skills, prestige abilities, gear) still need to be earned.


I see no problem with this. It isn't P2W as leveling to 1k can be achieved by simply playing the game.

P2W is when the only way for a character to become stronger is by paying, thus creating a power gap/barrier between a paying player and a free player. For instance, the prestige system as it currently exists is extremely P2W.
What's even more absurd is how characters which are prestiged still require an ongoing subscription to use the new trinkets that have recently been added. It's not coherent with other prestige benefits that can still be used even if you aren't noble anymore, like the veteran skill books or the new spell books which were added when prestige got first introduced back in september, creating unnecessary confusion.


WTB exp baubles via MTX, packs of 1 level, 10 levels and 100 levels. maybe even a 1-2k package.

id pay 2x as much real money for "prestige exp baubles" that allow you to progress once prestiged.. if we wanted to gate it


I support this idea. I do want to add that I would like to see an option for post-prestige levels. I love the addition of the new skills/abilities, but I'm not a fan of them being locked behind a lvl 1 reset. While I love this game, I don't see myself leveling beyond 2k.


I support this idea. I do want to add that I would like to see an option for post-prestige levels. I love the addition of the new skills/abilities, but I'm not a fan of them being locked behind a lvl 1 reset. While I love this game, I don't see myself leveling beyond 2k.

I also dont see myself leveling past 2k..leveling is just not what i play the realm for and i def wont be starting any new toons.. ever, if they increase it much more than that… with that said. IF PVP made a comeback the competitive side of me wouldnt let me not partake.. but id be pissed the whole time


I made a post about this same topic a week ago. My post was more of a "feeler" but this is exactly what I was thinking in terms of requirements/details/etc..

I really hope this becomes a thing and sooner rather than later. Next week Friday (1/11) sounds nice!