PvP and Flee %

Started by Khego


Please consider reducing the % chance to flee from PvP.

It's so rare to find someone /yes. Then it's near impossible to tag them with F12. Then they need to be encumbered for a chance to myst them before they flee and they'll likely resist the cast anyways. Once they've fled they're gone with F12.

There should be some consequence to going /yescombat and then traveling overworld, like any.

And there should be some reward to going /yescombat. Whether that's in higher pickpocket rewards or potentially something with the top tier world bosses and/or the "treasure hunting" on the trello board.

PS - Mind Shackle also does not work.

Thank you for your time.


I mean it's 70% chance to flee a PvE ambush and 90% chance to flee PvP. /shrug