Questions and concerns.

Started by Kryptic


Having come back to the game recently I've noticed a lot of changes to the game, some are improvements, some trivial at best, and while others are out right infuriating.

  1. Will we ever get Myst Immunity back? - The simple fact that somehow you managed to double dip myst resist on enemies isn't a "challenge" it's annoying at best, and more often than not boring, tedious, and an unenjoyable experience. I can't speak for everyone but sitting around for literally 20 rounds of combat drooling or running the Daytona 500 is the most exciting thing I have done in 28 years of gaming…

  2. Will the game ever be balanced around people who don't want to Multibox 6 accounts? - Multiboxing takes all the fun out of meeting and greeting new people and working together as a team to solve problems. Multiboxing should be an option, not something that feels forced upon. I'd like an option to A. Run dungeons solo for a better chance at loot/exp, or B. Get benefits for playing with people on a different IP.

  3. Will there ever be custom items available? - Many other games such as Path of Exile for example allow players to pay a fee (It's not cheap…) To sit down with the Dev team to create a new unique custom item to be added to the database and thus the drop pool. It's a great way for the community to add their own touch to the game, as well as create new content and help support the game monetarily.

  4. Can alignments be a fixed value while in a dungeon? - Given that alignment has such a high impact on X cast Y, you take a dirt nap, and grinding away at -2 or +2 alignment per creature takes a fair bit of time. Could it be possible to freeze your current alignment while inside a dungeon to preserve your grinded alignment for that dungeon? Grinding to neutral to avoid knights, just to end up killing good/bad creatures and being forced out of that alignment just feels bad and like I wasted time grinding in the first place. Of course you offer alignment shifts for silvers, but not everyone can afford 200 silver a pop each time they want to grind a dungeon, specially if you're trying to save up.

  5. Something something better resolutions? - Yea you've heard this song before, not gonna get into it.

5.1 Something something drop tables with percents? - Same as above.

As time goes on I'm sure I'll come up with more things to add to this list, but these are just some of my thoughts.

Commence the flaming in 3. 2. 1…


No flaming from me, but here are my opinions…

a) Myst

Myst is in a really unfun state. They removed immunity due to it being OP which I understand but to basically have a huge number of fights come down to rng is really underwhelming. You can be 3k and have FW + 75 Myst resist and still spend 50% of the time mysted in a level 500 dungeon like Anvil. It doesn't make it hard, it doesn't create some extra "gotcha!", it really just makes it so that half the time you can't play your character and there's nothing you can do about it.

For an even more extreme go to Maze and spend 20 min stunned by 8 harls nonstop. It's not even hard, it's just completely non-interactive, boring, and frustrating.

They've doubled down on this by adding myst procs to npcs to the Nth degree.

It seems a little bit absurd that the answer to creating difficulty is to just keep making it so you can't play your character in new ways.

b) Multiboxing

Dungeons scale and you can defintely clearly everything with less than 6 with ease up to ToD (and maybe even ToD) so I'm not sure that I agree that the game is balanced for multiboxing 6. I take the crux of this complaint to really be "people should group more", and I think this is driven more by a desire not to share loot than anything. Unless there's a revamp to loot systems somehow I don't really think this will ever change.. it doesn't seem to me like something that can be addressed in balance passes.

c) Custom items

This is a cool idea that could be fun. I don't know what the resource involvement is to make it happen and know they are always strapped on resources, but it's a neat idea.

d) Fixed Alignment

On this I think there are pretty resaonble paths already, but could see maybe a quality of life item to do this for x amount of time in the cash shop. It definitely wouldn't be game breaking, and if it helps bring in a little revenue I'm for it.

e) Resolution

The resolution thing is a limitation of the activeskin client as they have said before, so this won't happen without a client rewrite. They did mention recently that they are considering doing an interim client between this one and the Unity client to support this type of thing, so they are very aware.

f) Drop table

I don't know what this means. Are you suggesting they should publish exact drop rate percentages and tables? I don't know of many mmos that do this, and am not sure what value it would bring. Can you elaborate?

I always enjoy reading these posts and hope you don't mind the conversation!


I agree with pretty much all the stuff that you mentioned in regards to my post. As for F, a drop table is just that a spreadsheet that shows exact percentiles of each item to drop, and or the rarity. A lot of games have them on wikis due to either devs posting them, or players data-mining for them. But the main purpose of it is to help you evaluate the risk/reward function. Is it worth going "Just one more time…" on a dungeon you die over and over, or have very long drawn out fights for an item with say a 1% drop chance? Chances are no, let someone more experienced do it who can do it easily while you farm gold to buy the item.

Gimli (Staff)

Myst Immunity
No this probably won't be back any time soon. I think Myst is too much of a crutch in the game right now. We are re-working our threat system currently because we believe Myst is being leaned due to the lack of predictability or threat control on the game. Hopefully this provides a better way to manage combat rather than locking down mobs all the time.

Balancing around 6 people
As mentioned in an earlier post we introduced dungeon scaling on almost all dungeons to allow groups of all compositions a fair chance to complete the dungeon. Personally, I play on one character and I find doing all content outside of ToD doable.

WRT Filtering by IP, there are ways around this and if we introduce a system like this it'll only be a matter of time before it is heavily abused.

If there are specific areas of the game that you feel are out of reach due to not 6-boxing I would love to know those areas so we can tweak them.

Custom Items
If you have an idea for a custom item you don't need to pay us to discuss it :)

Having said that, some sort of contest to introduce a custom item to the game would be a fun one.

Alignment locking in dungeons
We entertained the idea of adding alignment adjustments to the sovereign shop but opted instead to add it to the silver shop so plays could earn and purchase them quickly. Did you know that items to change your ailgnment already are available?

If you load our test server you will see our experiments to re-write the rendering of the existing client. This is an ongoing effort!

Drop tables
They aren't stored in a way that is easy to export into an excel format and I don't see us investing the dev time to generate or maintain something like that, Sorry!


I appreciate the response Gimli, my only concern is that it seems more like enemies lean on myst as a crutch for a pseudo "Challenge" boost, but it doesn't feel challenging, it's just frustrating spending a vast majority of a dungeon with 0 control over my character, I'd much rather have the enemies twice as tough HP wise and damage wise than deal with "Welp, guess I won't be doing anything for 20 rounds of combat" each time I see an enemy. I'm looking at you imp kings and necromancers… Losing out on the action economy that enemies have given the numbers makes them easily able to spam Myst spells and/or summon more enemies to spam more myst spells. Another odd thing is an enemy like a KK summoning 3-5 more KK's who have at times DOUBLE the original KK's HP, just seems odd from a mechanical/power standpoint.