Ranged Weapon Skill

Started by StuckIn1995


I love throwing my useless ideas out into the nether apparently.. but it's still fun to throw stuff like this out there.

Suggestion: Change Throwing Dagger skill to "Ranged Weapon" skill:

Allow more weapon variety, allows add of new weapons (throwing stars, bows)

Throwing Dagger - highest single target ranged weapon skill

Throwing Stars - less damage but will hit multiple targets per attack regardless of range (ranged cleave or multiblade type ability)

Bow - single target ability that has a chance to ricochet or bounce damage to up to 4 targets if clustered near eachother. (ranged gust of wind type effect)

Prestige ability for ranged: Heartpiercer - chance to proc a potent critical strike that deals extra damage and reduces healing effects on target by 30% stacks up to 2 times (60%)