Shifting Proc/HoS

Started by Khego


Lots of discussion lately about the HoS. The proc is nigh non-existent and without free will, it cannot really compete with Mage Hat or Helm of Khan.

A suggestion: Delete the proc and buff the phasing (and explain what phasing is) or add Free Will. THEN create The Shield of the Shifter (maybe a better name out there). A second thought is to delete the hood in it's entirety and re-purpose the skin later.

*Procs will occur more often because of blocks
*It will encourage wizards and thieves to train level 6 and beyond shield usage
*It will give wizards another CHOICE between 2-handed +100 SDM weapons or shield and short sword

Thank you for your time.


i like your shield idea. i think its a lot easier to double the HoS AR, and add fw.

or you could double the hos AR, bump shift proc( these in synergy would be nice) and add FW..

basically the way the myst is setup and the way pvp is going..Free will is a 100% must use stat so the helm choices are very very limited.

or come out of left field with a defensive option.. cuz MH is the best offensive and the best defensive helm in 1 for a caster.


With the ability to now cast shift outside of combat what would be the problem with allowing the HoS to start every new encounter with shift….as long as that shift can be dispelled then it is simply a QoL improvement….free will also would seem to be a must on this high level of a helm.