Small Zones

Started by Khego


Shout out to the small zones, like Avalon. If there's ever to be more overworld content I'm for small zones. Ain't nobody likes going after Ali Khan.

Curtis Cooper

That feeling when you find him on first screen. Also that feel when you are running to Anvil and Cael spawns on your head. Feelsgoodman.


In addition, if there's more overworld content in the future…

Keep in mind some players prefer single mobs while others prefer large groups. With the hot zone rotation, it makes sense to me that all zones have both.


I am not a fan of spawning a boss so only one player has a chance to win the prize. I think a random dungeon appearing in a zone that allows up to 20 players a chance would be nicer. Once 20 players have the end dungeon prize (which could be a variable as well) then the message of 'Boss names dwelling has faded from sight' might be the message.

Make it so no player could run it in the same instance twice.

Grumpy (Staff)

I like the idea, and I agree the boss spawning and the same few people getting them each time is not great. Its something we will look at in the future.