Soloing and the content brick wall

Started by Kilup


I don’t have a whole lot to say other than it feels bad soloing when you don’t feel much of a difference gearing up. The content I fight at full expert gear and level 2000 is the same as the content I could fight at 500 in pro gear, albeit a bit quicker now.

I will still be just as unable to take on a group of myst resistant monsters and not even be able to progress into Anvil, let alone anything heroic. I understand heroic content is for groups, and despite this game’s 6-box problem, I’ve even begun making more accounts myself, but begrudgingly so. I hate that I have to do it. I wouldn’t mind paying extra to play multiple characters in one client, but the way the game can’t be resized makes playing multiples a pain. Even still, switching clients is just not how I want to play a game. This all came up when I went into anvil and was fine until I hit 1 mist mage and 2 guardians which just shouldn’t be as difficult as they were. Died three times with a quickness and the mobs before that room were cake.

I like the game, but the brick wall you hit content wise with mysticism resist as a Wizard doesn’t feel good at all. No matter how much gear I get, it just means I can blow up things with fireball a little faster, but it’s the same things. Mind rot should be passive and should be stronger, imo. -20% per level to target myst resistance, which doesn’t require an active ability. That or add more ways to be clever other than just YOU SHALL NOT PASS types of mobs.