Spells that need changed

Started by Legion


Cornucopia, now it's useless with no hunger/thirst
Loyalty shift/Mass loyalty shift is broken and even IF you shift them they still attack you
Warp mind and does a typical 30-ish damage at 204 with myst 6
Fumble/Mass fumble is useless as it doesn't work on 90% of things you WANT to fumble.Fufu, Tulor, Raiders in Underground, Parm etc etc all immune.
Poison Blast it's even weaker than the base level Poison bolt
Summon-Undead/Faery etc Doesn't seem to scale as well as Monsters summons. Why can a lvl 900 mob summon a Knight when a lvl 2k gets a FQ with 400HP
Stun/Hold AFAIK the only difference is the cast speed. Why does stun exist?
Incinerate What exactly does this do now? Anything?
Mass Rust, only ever seems to last 1 round.
Indestruction. Seems to be broken, Used on an item (Training shield) with 35% Dura, 2 fights later it was 25% dura even while indest was still active.


incinerate burns items on the target, right?
a lot of what you outlined is true though


incinerate burns items on the target, right?
a lot of what you outlined is true though

I was told that and rust were removed to avoid griefing. Rust now slows… incin=???


incinerate burns items on the target, right?
a lot of what you outlined is true though

I was told that and rust were removed to avoid griefing. Rust now slows… incin=???

Yes it has but his issue is that it only lasts 1 round.

Good list! They need to make the area affect spells do more damage than the mass effect spells. No point in using a spell like fireball. I also wish Death Touch and Death Wish were useful again. Oh well! I wish the would replace poison blast with some other spell. Just not useful and too many intensive.


Only rust was changed; incinerate still does what it has always done (tho more items have been made immune)

I think that eating/being fed/nourish should be modified to give some kind of buff. There are so many items with Nourish stat that now do nothing. If they were to change this then cornucopia wouldn't need changing.

I don't exactly know what to suggest being fed do. Act as a regen stack?

I agree with most of the others.


I guess I'll add Iron chains to the mix and Bump this nearly a year later.
Iron chains pulls targets which is cool, but it wastes the rest of the round. So it's still useless.
Psychic Orb still does sub 300 dmg completely maxxed out.
"Rust" Cannot be extended.
Necromancy "Banish" no longer works ( it used to be used to unsummon your own creatures)
Fumble really should just be removed from the game at this point. It works on exactly 2 enemies.
EQ seems as though it no longer has a chance to stun.
When can we get a summon Elem 2? Or summon Greater Undead prestige spells?
How about a prestige Thaum summon?


Really would be great if some of these spells could be re-worked or re-done. Not sure how much work it would be but we're also missing abilities for many level 7 branches.

Would be nice to see a "Mass Shift" added as a level 7 sorcery spell - maybe outside combat cloud only - lasts max of 6 rounds so its not too OP or something.

Would like to see Elphame's Justice re-worked. Maybe it damages good and evil but not nuetral mobs? similar to a mass drain or wog but for sorcery.

But alas this post is from june 2019 and we have challenger mode being worked on :p


As someone who plays on the challenge server, I challenge the assertion that challenger mode is being worked on. No progress has occurred in well over a month, and the last update did not address known bugs that affect game play. Instead, it replaced fire, ice and electric perms on new drops with acid, holy and dark. Acid works like other perms did, holy is a proc, and dark does nothing. Not a thing. I asked about it three weeks ago in the test server forum… crickets.


This post will celebrate its third birthday in nearly 6 months. Let's revisit it one more time to see what has changed in almost 3 years.

Cornucopia- Still broken and useless.
Loyalty/Mass Loyalty shift- Also broken
Psychic orb- still extremely weak, but all single target "orb" spells are.
Warp Mind- Actually got a lot better, but, still not viable as it's still outpaced by other single target spells like lightning bolt since legacy weaknesses to Myst doesn't exist like they do for other damage types.
fumble- Also still a shell of itself thanks to the new system of not allowing you to fumble anything holding something remotely cool.
Summon scaling- Same as it always has been, the lvl 600 lich can summon something cooler than the lvl 3,000 AIEW with Necro 7.
Incinerate- Still does nothing AFAIK
Mass rust- Still only lasts 1 round
Iron Chains- Well, this recently had a big change to it and it's basically better freeze. But also with a pull for melee types. So, with enrage, the IC change and combat stance, we are up to 3 spells specifically for melee characters. Kind of weird, IMO.
Indestruction- Still broken.
EQ- still doesn't appear to stun.
Necro Banish- still doesn't work.
Acid Cloud- still doesn't work.
EJ- still not really usable.
Poison Barrage- Still weaker than the level 1 "orb" variant
Dark Bargain- it's better than PB, but only useful in HC, even then it's not a huge leap over EF/EQ

Still a whole host of spell schools missing level 6 and 7 spells. Do we have any plans for these at all?
Prestige wish list:
Mass Invul- Thaum 7
Mass shift- Sorc 7
Enemy teleport- Sorc 6 ( combat teleport but on a targeted enemy)
MFF- Myst 6
Despothes Wrath- Elem 7
Mass Identify- Myst 7 ( identifies all items in a targeted container)


I guess I am going to bump this post again. It's been over 3 years now. Should we just consider all hope for spells being better to be dead by this point?

Jax (Staff)

@Legion Thank you for the input. We will look into this and post updates as they become available.


How about a Mass Prepare for Battle? (Mass Cure Poison, Mass Invul, Mass Heal) - 250 mana/out of battle spell