Spicy's EA Guide

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This is going to be an odd guide, more focused on making your character than actually playing the game. I don't like to reveal strats on tough bosses or anything, my biggest tip for that would be… try it out. You might die 10 times to get the kill, but you'll learn and next time you will die 5 times, and so on until you get good. If you are going out of your comfort zone and starting to try harder content/bosses, I highly recommend carrying a backup weapon on you if you rely on weapons for damage. I see people die and drop their weapon and need rescueing pretty often… carry a backup, it's going to happen.

Let's start with creating your class - here's a few things to keep in mind before you start on EA…

You only get 152 build points total - how you spend them matters, that being said what you start with for skills also matters.

In general you want a few specific skills in order to be a functional character and not be gimped at higher levels or having to reroll because of a bad mistake in building your skillset.

Wizards - If you are going all intel, or mostly intel you want to GM all magic… don't waste points on anything else, whatever you have left is best spent on Shield Usage, or Acrobatics.

All other chars here are some skills to aim for…

GM whatever Weapon you are going to use (I recommend 2h/axe/thrower/dagger/longsword for your options)
GM Thaum (specifically for invuln, but also a nice boost to power in your heals)
Expert Acro (so you can move across the screen in 1 turn)
Expert Sorcery (see invis/invis/shift/extension/teleport)
Familiar Med (will help you with mana regen, if you are going GM thaum over GM theurgism, go Expert Med)
Expert Necro (curses increase your damage output big time, which helps fights end quicker, which helps you stay alive)
GM Critical Strike (chance to crit/crit damage goes up with every level, get this as high as you can if you rely on weapon as your main source of damage)
GM Theurgism (I say if you aren't getting thaum, get Theurgism so your potions/orbs etc work better, also Fireball/Lightning wands are great damage)

As I mentioned before your starting skills, and build points spent, matter a LOT. Class strength goes in this order

Wiz > Adv > Thief > A Ratling NPC > A Mouse NPC > Warriors

You are probably thinking but Spicy, I wanna hit hard, I NEED to make a Warrior. Unfortunately Warrior's start with lvl 2 of every weapon skill, and not much else that's gonna help you, so you waste a lot of build points leveling up on stuff you need.

A good alignment wizard starts with lvl 2 Thaum, Lvl 1 Med, Lvl 1 Sorc, Lvl 1 Acro and even Lvl 1 Theurgism. Now i'm not saying an all str wiz is gonna be the best tank, but he will sure be more useful at lvl 150.

Adv's take the #2 spot, and are THE BEST choice if you are making any hitter, not only do you get combat stance, but you get lvl 1 crit, and lvl 1 acro to start, as well as lvl 2 longsword/shield if you're going sword and board, and lvl 1 sorc.

Thief's take the #3 spot because they start off with throwing/dagger, as well as lvl 2 crit and acro.

and Warriors, like I said, pending some change in how starting skills are distributed… don't do it.


This server is completely gear based, endurance doesn't matter as much because over 150 levels, 10 more endurance is only 1500hp different but a significantly weaker character because you are lacking in your dmg attribute (s/d/int). Elfs are the race of choice based on this, but really as a general rule, just don't put points into end and you wont suck too badly. All Int if you're gonna cast, All Str if you wanna hit, or All Dex if you wanna use a dagger/thrower.. all good choices. Mix it up if you want, it's your character in the end.

General Gameplay Tips

Aim lower with mobs when leveling, it's better to get 400-500xp quick, than it is to get 900xp and have to sit and wait for mana/use half an orb of healing after. Also you increase your chance for drops with more kills, and decrease your chances of dying. All around a win win situation to just stick to mobs your level or a couple levels lower when leveling. Unless you're a beast and can powerhouse through a group of 10 warriors, then just do that.

Make a buff wiz… just an all intel wiz on a second account that can buff/invuln your hitter before he goes hunting is a big help, better yet… just make a wiz main.

To start leveling, go to Ratling Run (right from the EL Teleport), and as you get higher level work your way around leinster counter clockwise to North Havenwood, then West Havenwood, then South Havenwood, that should get you around level 25 without too much risk.

Hunt in areas where enemies heal you up, the Havenwoods have faerys/Guardians, Bloodwoods have Seraphs, and West FoD has Wardens, they can help if you are struggling with funds to buy potions, and have no orbs left.

If you guard round 1 vs Snakes, you will get a full round of attacks off as a hitter without getting hit.

Shift is a lifesaver, even for a hitter. All chars need to have level 3 sorc. Say you are fighting a King Kilrog, and you shift as a hitter. He attacks you then runs out of moves chasing you, then you run in and finish off your attacks. Very good strat if you are planning on going a level 5 acro and crit char.

General Server Suggestions

Level 1 weapons, and ALL of their high level counterparts (sucks leveling with a maul only to find out your best weapon is an EA or a Wrath only. Hitters get the shaft having to not only be max level, but down Fufu or Tulor and be extremely lucky to get their best weapon, whereas a wiz doesn't need one (but should have a mageblade <3), and a dex based char can go get their best weapon in Fenris Caves or Thieve's Hole. We'd need more high level bosses for that which brings me to my next suggestion…

More high level content, everyone farming the 2 weapon dropping bosses isn't great. Would be nice to have swamp area, and some tougher content to fight than KK's/Tulors maybe dragon pit or something like that.

Super rare functional items, glow helms with stats, glowie boots with stats.

More PvP areas… it should be just open pvp, it is Elphame's Arena after all, and a challenge server. Obviously town, and RR/Havenwood safe zones, but after level 25 you should be ready to have to fight other players on the server. It's part of the fun of it. That being said, penalties would need to be like gold insurance drop, item if you can't cover it for that. Dropping a chanted fin item to a player is enough to make someone rage quit.

2 person groups. Solo is a challenge but it is very very boring. Season 2 might be designed more around being solo, but in the future 2 person max on a group is perfect.


Thanks for taking the time to put this guide together AND provide actionable feedback!


Good feedback thread Spicy.

Not enjoying this version as much as the last. In my opinion the last iteration was a lot more diverse in terms of viable builds.

The hands-down best build by a country mile here is AIEW with a dex weapon.

A few factors led to this:
-Fin items massive boosts to hps (End as a stat is gutted)
-Max group size of 1
-Melee weapon buffs
-Theurgism nerfs
-Cap increase to 150 making these builds possible

IMO this build does it all and there is really no reason to go another. Before there were some trade offs but now you sacrifice nothing by going this route. :/

EDIT: I should probably offer some solutions while I'm at it.
-More incentive for people to run other armor types besides hps gear. How about sets of cloth with +SDM in the various schools?
-Buffs to Theurgism. Theurgism is really not the boogeyman it once was. With AIEWS running around with 5k hps a 1500 dmg lightning wand crit is no longer as threatening as it once was. It was really only OP against non-fin-geared opponents on the other EA versions. Give characters a reason to go Theurg again. Bonus if you scale the damage based off of Endurance stat.
-Incentives to have point in Endurance. Why not make the HPS per level payoff more than just 1:1?


everything is cool and good on EA server I play a warrior but also a wizard and it was easier to level up the wizard


Great post, Spicy. Strongly agree with fighting a large number of low-mid xp fights over a few high xp fights. Reduces risk, increases the number of drops, cuts down the downtime between fights. Also, even though the group size is 1, the buff wiz is a great way to speed up your pace of play. Shmaboo (AIEW) is my main, but he's served as caddy for Thwack (ASGW, maul [mistake] and axe), Viande (sword and board) and Filch (ADET, thrower/dagger) and made their progress much easier.

The gear drops are strongly biased toward the hitters, but the game favors the wizzes and thieves. It's an odd balance. A week or two ago, I was lobbying for a weapon with massive +mana or something analogous to the ench fin pieces but with +mana instead of +hp. Now, I'm really not so sure. At first blush, the gear should tip the scales to the warriors, but it doesn't. Whether that was brilliant or lucky, I can't say, but it all kind of works.

One tip for wizards: get a Fin belt. As a wiz dependent on gear that's not that different in weight from warrior armor, you're dealing with encumbrance issues. The Fin belt is a BoS and a BoC combined and a huge boon to wizards. Without it, you could be trading out an RoI for an RoS and that matters. At 28 Int, summon daemon gets you Snow Daemons around 2500hp; at 30 Int, it gets you Greater Flame Daemons at over 5000hp. Put up three of those and any KK is a piece of cake.


And a fun part of EA being able to find NEW equipment that my character can use and improve combat ability. When I hunt on FF there is no chance of finding useable loot - only finding loot to sell to other people if I already have all master gear.


just wanted to add to the suggestions for the server i got 2 more…
Illusion rings should take the robe slot since robes are kinda useless on EA, and it would be nice to show them off on FF without losing a stat ring (like a Ring of Power)

also boss spawns should probably stay hidden like on FF, it's way too easy to sit outside fufu or at the end of tulors and just camp the bosses. at least make us go in and check every now/then

Also one more quick one, for the amount mobs summon, banish should maybe be like 50 mana. Eats it up real quick as a wiz if you get a bad couple rounds vs a Daemon King or KK


For new character builds it would be great if we were able to assign the starting skills from a pool of skill points and not have them pre set based on class.


agreed that would be best, then you can choose class based on stats, not starting skills


For new character builds it would be great if we were able to assign the starting skills from a pool of skill points and not have them pre set based on class.

Would like to see that and a pick 32 or whatever on starting stats. I know that happened once on another server test and I really enjoyed being able to assign my stats based off a pool vs a pre-determined start of stats based on race/class.