Suggestion: Make a slot for talismans

Started by Shmaboo


We have talismans and gems in the game and we have nothing to do but vendor them. I think adding an equipment slot for talismans would help to give each character more flexibility in playstyle. Using gems to augment the talismans would take it a step farther. Each talisman would have a corresponding gem. A normal gem would add power to the talisman, and a flawless gem would add more power. For this suggestion, I've added two gems to the game so there would be nine gem types, corresponding with the nine talismans.

Here is a rough draft of how the talismans could work. There are three levels for each talisman - without a gem, with a plain gem, and with a flawless gem.
Talisman of Courage (diamond) - Increase AR by 10/20/30
Talisman of Faith (sapphire) - Give 25%/50%/100% chance to cure poison on any heal
Talisman of Happiness (peridot) - Increase XP by 10%/25%/50% (multiplicative with holiday/hot zone/grouping bonuses)
Talisman of Honor (topaz) - Increase MDM by 20/40/60
Talisman of Hope (amethyst) - Increase SDM by 10/20/30
Talisman of Immortality (jet) - Increase spell resistance by 10/20/30
Talisman of Life (emerald) - Increase regeneration by 20%/40%/60%
Talisman of Love (ruby) - Reduce aggro by 20%/40%/60%
Talisman of Luck (aventurine) - Increase Luck by 10%/25%/50% (multiplicative with holiday bonuses)
italics denote new gem

There are plenty of adjustments and choices we can make to this table, but that's my best thought for now. We could choose to make augmentations available at certain minimum levels (200/400/600 maybe), or we could say that zero prestige toons can't augment their talismans while prestige I toons can use normal gems and prestige II toons can use flawless gems. We could introduce a jeweler to the game, maybe in the shop in Avalon that's for rent if we choose to make gems prestige-based. She could set gems in talismans for coppers or silvers or whatever.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you like the idea, and maybe we can add something new to the game.



diablo II game has something like you're talking about. like some armor and weapons that comes with sockets. and gems that you put into them. gems like +25 to life, strength, etc