Support Windowed Fullscreen / Dynamic Window Resolution

Started by Artemis


I tried resizing the game window but the only option available is Full Screen, which would normally be ok, but the game automatically exits full screen when alt tabbing out of the game or clicking on my 2nd monitor (which I commonly do in order to use other programs while I play games). This makes the game unplayable for me and I was really looking forward to playing around in TRO after having not played for decades.

My suggestions are as follows:

  1. Don't exit full screen when accessing other applications or windows desktop.
  2. Allow for a dynamic window resolution via dragging the corners of the game window.
  3. Allow for windowed fullscreen, which is an option common to modern PC games.

I understand TRO is an extremely old code base, however, I believe these options will significantly improve the first time user experience. If there are alternatives to this, then I'd love to hear them, though the only solution I've seen so far is to change your display setting resolution (which I'm not a fan of).


I like this idea too… I think the game window needs to fit 16:9 screens because most people don't have out dated 4:3 screens anymore

Gimli (Staff)

We are experimenting with re-writing the current client to be entirely directx rendered. This would allow us to do this type of dynamic sizing.

With the client as-is, it is unfortunately not possible due to the dependency the UI has on activeskin.