Targeting UI

Started by Ikith


I saw this suggested on page 5 but I feel its worth bringing up again…

I feel a nice addition and Quality of Life improvement would be adding a combat targeting UI, while playing recently and running Greater Hives I noticed that its really hard sometimes taking a good 4-5 seconds to target the bee I wished my hitters to go hit, and even more sometimes they would decide to hit the target behind them even though I'm 100% sure I selected the correct target (for example this happened a few times where I wanted to target a Wasp Healer only for my hitters to go hit the Fire Wasp that was directly behind the Wasp Healer that I had selected and verified that I had selected it via the health bar pop up, this is not countering as both wasps were held via Mass Hold as my hitters ran up to the mobs), this issue is even more amplified when fighting against the smaller mobs in GH like the Evil Bee's or Stinging Fury's, those take a good 1-2 seconds to target properly.

To further drive this home there have been a few times where somehow I've targeted my own party member, or at least that's my guess on whats going on, to give an example of this, fighting in FD the other day, Minos Prime was in front of one of my characters, I clicked attack, clicked Minos Prime only for the round to proceed and the character that I had given the command to attack Minos Prime sat there, and did nothing, no swings, no movement, nothing, again I can only guess that it accepted the target since it was Minos Prime, but had actually targeted my own party member as that character was directly behind Minos Prime.

I've even had spells do the same thing, cast a heal on a target in front of a mob, heal never goes off, character dies and loses exp, super annoying.

The above two examples could be solved by adding a targeting UI. This could be a lot more complex as it would need to be coded from the ground up in a 20+ year old game.

Another alternative suggestion would be to make mobs a bit more "solid" when targeting them.

Grumpy (Staff)

I feel your pain..I like the idea. This is something we will keep in mind for the new client in the future. Right now adding new interface functionality is not feasible because of the archaic code and time it would take.