The combat window is too much a "wall of text"

Started by Zaps


With a single character doing as much as 10 attacks per round, the combat log becomes very tedious to read and pick out useful information. For example, a single attack dumps this huge amount of text:

"Zaps lands a critical strike! Zaps hits Dwarf Heretic for 112HP! Dwarf Heretic is scorched for 112HP! Dwarf Heretic is chilled for 112HP! Dwarf Heretic is zapped for 112HP! Dwarf Heretic gains 108 poison (171 total). Dwarf Heretic is about to die!"

It would be nice if the combat log could be simplified. For example, the above attack message could be abbreviated:

"Zaps lands a critical strike on Dwarf Heretic: Hit for 112! Scorched for 112! Chilled for 112! Zapped for 112HP! 108 poison gained! (171 total). Dwarf Heretic is about to die!"

There could be a game client setting to toggle generation of verbose or condensed combat text. That could allow for an even more condensed combat text which is well formatted for the window width.

Gimli (Staff)

We could also colour code damage:

"Zaps hits Dwarf Heretic for: (normal/fire/cold/lightning/poion)"

Where normal is white, fire is orange, cold is blue, etc etc


That would actually make it much easier to sift through regardless of if any other changes are made


if you enjoy reading it try using f11 x 5, helps a lot :)

Redbeard (Staff)

I’ve already color coded that damage text to match it’s type of damage. Is this not working?


I think he means, that if you have a group of say 4 chars, one fight will completely scroll off the text window, a single attack takes up 3 lines of text. If you want to scroll up to check anything, like for example what type of myst hit you, there's no point because its lost immediately due to the length of the combat text.


The color coding is working but it's not possible to sift through and read all the combat text in the 45 seconds that one gets to decide their next turn. It would be useful to condense the text so that each attack doesn't take more than one line of text.
Reading the combat log is useful for:
Knowing how many rounds a target is CC'd for.
Knowing which damage types (fire, cold, etc) each monster is more vulnerable to.
Judging the effectiveness of character builds by comparing total damage done each round.


sounds like you want to analyze a log after combat, not during. most of that is pretty much known pre fight anyways


no.. during combat.. so you can see what type of myst is on your character, not just oh they are blue. How many rounds it will last so you know if you need to dispel it. Not to mention that it scrolls off anything said in room chat. Anyways, seems Gimli understood the question from the start so all under control.


Seems like you almost need either another screen for Myst & Poison counters or something over your character showing how many rounds you’re berserked or whatever so you can strategize how you are going to beat a particular fight. If more difficult content ever came out where I had to know how long I or an enemy was held/berzerk, I’d be much more concerned about this. Only way to fix it now is to slow the combat down, but if you are playing 4-6 chars, you’re probably going to miss it even at the slowest speed.


Yeah, that's what I meant.

It could be helpful to localize the text. We have damage totals for the round displayed in the chat so I don't see the need for one player controlled character to see how much of what type of damage other Characters did. If for some reason they really needed to show someone, there is always copy/paste

I think that would decrease a lot of text spam in combat