The HoZ Thread

Started by moose


I'm really happy to see the HoZ back in the game though it's lacking in its current state. I think of the HoZ as a luxury item because it makes for smooth leveling and it allows you to clear out mindless dungeons at a quick rate. It isn't necessary but it makes life a lot easier. I would really like it to work like the HoZ of old but it will definitely need some changes. The old helmet was extremely overpowered because it had huge gains with very little risk. This led to abuse and that is something that I think most are concerned about.

The risk and reward needs to be adjusted as people will be less likely to abuse it when it comes with sufficient risk. Here are some ideas:

Insurance plays a huge role here. The insurance value of a HoZ needs to be high enough to make people think twice before using it.. I'm not sure where I would put the starting number but I'm thinking about 100k. As in, when you die, you drop 100k for the HoZ value alone. This will allow you to farm easy content to your hearts desire but it will make you think twice before jumping into risky situations. This number will scale with the economy. Remember that this is looking at the HoZ as a luxury item. It isn't for everyone. It's for the people that have been there and done that. It speeds it up the second, third, and forth time around. This value will have to scale with the economy. Again, 100k is just a feel out number. Even though game isn't two weeks out, I believe it could easily be double or triple that. Edit: After thinking about it more, 100k is way too low. Should be much higher.

The second component would be a cost per round similar to something like the old magic mace or wizards casting spells. Again, this is not going to be a huge number but it is something that will help prevent abuse (for example, killing many low level mobs for grinding bounties. Click/dead. Click/dead). 20 mana/round? I mean, 20 mana is nothing. It could easily be double or triple that.

These are just some ideas to keep the potential financial abuse in check.


The HOZ was way OP and needed to be changed/removed it just made leveling and gold farming a mindless click fest for hitters.

What aout adding a Mage Hat of spell zerking for casters so they get to cast 5-7 spells before their target gets to react??

Kind of silly right?


Agree with ImLost. HoZ was a ton of fun, because well, frankly, watching your ASGW go into super saiyen mode while you just sit there and mindlessly click buttons was… well, cool. But things like that lead to quick burnout. It's cool while you do it, then a week later after you've facerolled your way to 1K, you're bored and you find something else to do.

Those kind of game mechanics just simply can't exist.


Thanks for the feedback.

I was focusing on the financial aspect because I thought that was big concern. I didn't want the helmet to be used for financial gains. Though as you have mentioned, it may need more adjustments. I do believe the helmet has it's place. The current version was just a first go and it needs more work. I'm just trying to get the changes in motion to make it work like it once did. Everyone has a different playstyle. Some like to run caves for days on end while others like to hunt above ground. You can play the game as a single account point and click all the way to running 4+ accounts to deal with the more intricate battles found in heroic dungeons. While some may view the HoZ play as OP, running 4-5 wizards all casting a mixture of mass myst and damage spells can be seen as being just as OP, if not even more. It should be fairly easy to balance a helmet that is used to run with only one account when you look at some of the other playstyles that are used.

Here are some more ideas to bring back the HoZ of old:

1) Experience reduction. I agree that the level rate was extreme. It was abused on old realm and it would be abused now. It is something that would definitely have to be looked at. Though this realm is very different than the previous version with hot zones and group bonus experience. The solo experience isn't quite than what it used to be. A group of players can fly through the levels as well.

2) Take away the extra attack of being berserk

3) Lower MDM. This will become more important as higher level weapons and better gear comes out.

4) Reduce armor while equipped. Basically, it would further restrict what you can and cannot solo.

There is definitely a way to make a viable HoZ using some sort of combination above.


Well if you also made the HoZ reduce your health to a maximum of 5k


Just confuses me that people actually want an item that removes your control of a character. It's as close to botting as you can get without actually botting. I personally don't get why it was readded in a Zerk form - could've maybe use the model for a different helm which does make you more berserker style : + high mdm, +atk +str +armor pen but parcelled with negatives, minus end/armour/dodge/block type thing but avoid the berserking (de)buff.


I think the real thing should be to add the Trigger feature to the Berserks Helm = HoZ that it should have as today 50 % to be triggerd at combat pull = start so the real berserk effect shall feel as it was before adn not be canceled out due to your magfical resistance. This way i think the helm will get back its real value a bit. today the helm is likely a rust copy of trash helm except you get the nice sweet extra attack 1 STR and 40 MDM for ASGW class its a PLUS but shit for the value of the berserker effect it popps random and your gear = Equpment is canceling it out due to your magical resistance. PLEASE make the effect to be aded to be triggered at Pull for maybe 75 % not 50 % as it is for today and make the magical effect to be ignored when berserker effect is triggered either in combat pull or during combat. this will make the HoZ = Berserkers helm once again not extremely powerful or TOP of the helm in the game but far better then it is today.