The overall noob.

Started by fartnugget


Hi all, I'm a returning player after 15 years.

I have a few questions now that I have been back for a few months as my worries about the entertainment value and the core design of The Realm Online.

  1. What is intended for the noob factor? With the current logistical balances of gear, dungeons and mobs and the odd interface factor F12 I have to wonder if immersion is even a consideration.

  2. Why have the hitters nurfed from 7 attacks with gear to 5 with gear? With the current drop rates of good gear reduced to somthing like .02 percent, dungeon runs have been reduced in value to XP and shop food only for the most part and now soloing dungeons the few valuable dungeons is a thing of the past and multiboxing is is more heavily relied upon reducing the immersion and wonderful nuances of The Realm Online.

  3. My lvl 1000 mage, my fave, had a wonderfull 2-5 round mass hold that allowed me to solo anvil for near guarantied gear drops and a large amount of shop food to support the millions needed for Expert gear. Now it is not possible as Mass Hold has gone randomish.

  4. Why oh why have potions of greater invisibility been nurfed to 1-2 rounds? 10 or so I would understand but 2? Other than the 'very' rare need to usefully drop agro, the potions have been made useless and the abilities of the hitters nulled in solo dungeons that no longer drop enough gear nor EX that warrant the deaths of non-solo runs.

  5. Can the overall plan for future of The Realm Online be made transparent? Making concept creation open source with an unchangeable core value system to keep it from ending up as a kiddie appeaser should take the realm online to the next level and bring in thousands of old and new players and paying fans.

Many of you may all this an extreme but that is what is needed.

In the mean time, this game is now too boring for those of us that do not want to multibox the few dungeons of value or solo the few mobs in the open world for 700 lvls. The current level of value inherent in a Prestige account does not make the effort to tolerate the monotony of lvl grinding for one thousand levels, months worth of work for the actual demographic and not just the apparent one, worth it.

I beg all that matter, let us help you help us fall in love. I love The Realm Online's 2-D simplicity and the ease of the turn based action.

This reminds me; When was the last time toons were married in the realm?