Throwback Test Server Feedback

Started by DragnDave


So far I am enjoying the nostalgia. Running a hitter atm, but will be testing out all the different classes as time goes on. I am not a fan of Old Leinster, probably just because it has been so long since I've seen it that I grew accustomed to WL/EL.

The equipment dropping with chants vs using wizards to chant items is something I like a lot. I do think there needs to be more variety though, such as cloth/leather/troll leather etc dropping as such vs just this iron stuff. Good idea and start however.

I like the mana vs mana crystals aspect. I always hated the change to MCs and I like it going back to how it used to work.

Definitely need more magic rings/ammys dropping. 15 levels in and I've yet to see one. I did finally get a robe after deciding to kill pixies since I hadn't done so yet.

All in all it feels good, yes the leveling and xp is low and slow but when f12 is on it goes by at a good clip. There's 100 levels possible and I managed 15 and probably could have done 20 easily within the little bit of time I played.


I realize it's early days, and feedback is likely looking at the concepts vs the actual items in game. I went with an ASGW and AIEW to start, the two extremes of the game.

I love the random enchants on gear. It will take a while for people to find the best gear. So far, it seems like strength, dexterity, intelligence, and endurance appear less on basic gear which is kind of nice as it makes that gear a little more coveted. It means there's a bit of longevity to the system as getting the best in slot RNG'd item will take some time.

Armour is currently heavily biased towards adventurers and warriors though due to the strength requirements on magical gear. With the strength requirements, an elf wizard can't wear any of the magical drops except for cloth unless they put 3 points onto strength. Casting Empower (+strength) can bring that up to 6 points in strength (for an elf wizard with no points put towards strength) but you still can't equip any of the gear requiring 6 strength. So an AIEW will be unable to use the majority of the gear dropped while a warrior will be able to use anything that drops. In cloth armour, the tunic is male only, while the doublet is gender neutral. This places female characters at a disadvantage for dropped gear that is more biased than the robe/skirt side of things. I've found a magical tunic, but no magical doublet/skirts/robes

Again, the perms on weapon drops are great. The weapon damage should be looked at though. I think the magic 2 handers that drops has 19-24 base damage while a steel 2 hander has a base damage of 17-34. My initial experience found the shop purchased steel 2 hander better than the green/blue drops. I've found a legendary (yellow) 2handed sword (19-24 dmg, FIVE enchant) and haven't compared it to the steel 2handed yet. This will likely be less of an issue with more weapon tiers of weapons, but better store bought gear or rarity that causes players to out level the weapons before they find them make the treasure.

Magic is in terrible shape. Spell damage is terrible, and spell damage doesn't compare to what a single hit of a weapon can do. With Drain life & Steal life being switched to touch spells, there is very little damage opportunity in necromancy. Summon undead was used as a way to reduce damage to my ASGW. Once you get summon demon, you suddenly are able to summon something better than anything else in the game. I can't comment on the other circles as I haven't leveled high enough to include them.

Overall the magic armour/weapons drop is a great change. The game mechanics still heavily favour high strength and seems to magnify some of the problems in the mechanics (armour you can wear, encumbrance, the amount of loot you can collect, damage that can be done). I think where this system will really shine is with adventurers, where characters will have only several GM skills (likely 1 weapon, 1-2 spells, 1 enhancing skills). Characters will have more unique builds and the mana system will mean rationing mana could be important. in a fight. However, it has to be balanced against the ASGW. While the low intel will have a big negative with an ASGW at a higher level, there are very few negatives at the lower levels.


Is their an ETA for when this Challenger Server will be released? I would seriously resubscribe to play on a seasonal server like that. Seems exactly what TRO needs to keep it fresh.


Some stuff the test server might benefit from:

  1. If dungeons open, I think making dungeons that give SDM to specific magic circles and takes SDM from others, might make for a unique experience.

  2. Keeping magical gear as find only will make people want to trade more often in order to find the fit people are looking for. The trade system will need to become a reality, or there will be some interesting things happening. EXAMPLE thief class may become a regular thing, but ripping off customers for the stuff being sold could be common. Adventurers might have shop selling skills instead.

  3. Travel by teleporter is not currently active. You might want to add a teleport other spell to the list of things of usefulness to skills. You can even level the spell to include new towns as it gains those levels.

  4. The demon troll really does nothing demonic, how about giving him unique curses like making folks ugly, or slow. I could come up with others, but you get the idea. Dispel magic would not work on then but remove curse could get popular.

Just a few ideas to ponder. I am truly loving the test server already, however.


glitch found can enter east lienster thru 1 left of chloe's healing touch but cannot leave that way .

drop rate for wizy gear is waaaaaaaaay less than warrior over 10 people donating to the cause 3 or 4 slots have whole sets of warrior and 3 of thief …… warrior gear needs to be more rare comparatively

played wizzard to 12 played warriror to 6 …. both can take down same high level mobs ….. some balancing needs done on warriors ….

wizz skill point need to be shifted if you want to keep level cap at 100 it is possible to kill trolls at lvl 10 as i have doen it and groups of 5 undead earning 1k+ exp with shift and multidart