Trade System / Player Stalls

Started by StuckIn1995


Safe trading system that is used in many older MMORPGs. Provides safe method for players to trade / sell items while logged in to the game.

Player stalls that you can open / set prices on items and stand in town showing off your best gear / townie items.

Please see screenshot for example. In the mock up / idea I proposed it as a noble citizen feature and purchasable deployment from the Sovereign Shop as a premium item. But doesn't have to be - it could be a free item with a cool down or purchasable after prestiging, don't get hung up on that.

For large or quick sales, MM's could still be relevant for people who want to skip the 10% gold sink penalty. I think its a nice option with pro's and con's to balance trading.

ie: I have a GHelm worth 150MIL - I may want to use SLord to avoid the 15mil inflation tax through a stall. But if I want to be 100% sure I can trade an item safely or conveniently I can do it through a stall but 10% of my proceeds will be taxed.

Thanks for looking.

Edit/update 12/14/2020

Thanks for the positive feedback - since some folks seem to be enjoying the concept I threw together some examples of how this system could further add flavor to the game. These could be expanded to provide a few types of stalls including rare drop stall cosmetics. Think of these as the "mounts" of Realm. Obviously this is just to give an idea of what potentially could be done - not a finished product or balanced.

*** Keep in mind again any prices mentioned are completely just fluff/brainstorming.


standing ovation

Thank you Khego, I feel like it would add a lot of balance and even flavor to the game.

I could see this working similar to the Ring of Power, where it is equip-able like a second backpack (or 3rd ring in that case)
You dump the item into the shop stall - and it says enter price in gold. When the item is equipped the shop stall turns on/pops up in town.
If the item is unequipped the shop stall disappears but the items and gold from sales are still in the stall (backpack).
Could make it so that you cant move, or cast spells when it's equipped and it auto quits any groups or parties once it's equipped (to prevent any kind of summoning issue)

You could implement a cooldown to keep people from spamming stalls etc. maybe it can only be used twice per day.


I love it. A trade district full of these stalls would be fun to see!


Brilliant idea for sure!!! Hope to see an update to this idea… even if it is to be disregarded.


I like the idea - it reminds me a lot of how the Bazaar works in everquest :-)


@Wardun thanks. It's been a year and we're just now starting to see some content / updates trickling into the game (aside from seasonal content) Here's to hoping one day! I also thought the silver shop suggestion to destroy items from the game / remove them from the economy would help a lot too but if we now have weapons rolling with stat variance that is another alternative that can help with that.