Upcoming Patch / Prestige 2

Started by BeeR30 alt MonTE

BeeR30 alt MonTE

Can I ask when the upcoming patch is? Sorry If I should know this already but I don't….and also what did you mean by :

"Yes, prestige 2 will be coming next patch. Get your characters to level 1000 to take advantage now!"

I'm 15 levels away and my bro is 65 levels away. Is there or are there reasons to hurry up and prestige rather than not being able to get it done in time? I'm just curious if I/We are going to miss out on something by not being able to prestige before the new patch comes? Or does Prestige 2 mean level 2000? As in prestiging for a 2nd time? TIA!

Gimli (Staff)

Prestige 2 means prestige for a second time to get a max level of 3000. You won't miss out if you are a bit behind :)

BeeR30 alt MonTE

Okay. That's what I thought but I just wanted to be sure. Thank you!