Started by MeanOne


Realm Love

When The Realm love hits you, it is hard to deny…
You begin to be okay with running the same dungeon a hundred times…
You find the strength to sit through a boring 500 levels to reach expert yet again…
You mature to the point you can follow and enjoy the Gossip channel without always talking…
The Realm may have its awesome graphics or incredible sound effects,
But we all know any game may appear to diminish in its awesomeness.
Really though, some of us find ourselves returning to its simplicity and fun, again and again.
Wondering why this is so, why some of us spend a third of our waking lives on it,
It is really simple: it is the friendships, relationships, we find on it.
Most Realmers help each other in kindness.
All of this or none of this, but it’s something like it.
Happy Valentine’s 2021 Realmers!
(150 words exactly minus title)