We need balance

Started by dlofc


Everyone hates bad systems and overpowering but characters but what we also hate, is when we have the frustration of seeing the same error applied to mobs. The lessons that were learned with myst concerning higher levels, should have been applied to the mobs too, but they have not been. Instead, every day, we have the wonderful frustration of logging in and casting the same exact myst spells as the mobs, to see ours fail repeatedly on the higher level mobs, while what our toons turn blue and lose their minds, no matter their equipment.

The Mobs have been overpowered as a way to try to make the game more challenging but there is a difference between more challenging, and plain out frustrating. And I am not talking minor frustration, I am talking wrap the keyboard around the nearest telephone pole frustration, as you watch a fight that, had myst been even completely removed from both sides, should have been easily won, be lost as your warrior drools in the gutter and your wizzy runs around the screen, screaming hysterically at the imaginary giant mouse that has come to eat his boogers. And these spells do not last but one, maybe two rounds, no, they last six to eight rounds.

The myst needs a rebalance and quickly. It will put new people off from the game as they get to the post 500 gameplay and start to encounter these problems. If we are going to grow the community, then it is problems like these that need to be addressed. It is not a bug, the program is running like it was designed to do. It is a flaw, an unintended consequence. I know it is not snap the fingers and fix it. That would lead to other unintended problems, but it is something that does need attention.