Weapon damage is too high and ruined PvP

Started by Shinobi


Can we PLEASE have a reduction in the amount of melee damage the revamped 900's are doing. It completely ruined PvP because all you need to do now is click attack - there are no other viable strategies when toons get wasted in 2-3 swings. Some of us enjoyed the turn-based combat and different strategies available for PvP combat, but alas it's completely ruined. The damage is way too consistent.

Other viable fixes to this problem might include:

  • Increasing the level cap to ~5,000 so that characters have enough HPS to be able to last more than a few swings (you might have to bump it to level 10k, but 5k is a good start).
  • Introducing level 900 armor with higher Armor levels and +hps bonuses (like the fin gear or EA).


Should just make it so that players have damage resistance against other players in pvp to offset


Yeah, that definitely one way to tackle it and add new content (my second suggestion)