week 2 loot table information ATTN : PROGRAMMERS

Started by Dracblue


Loot / bug list

the dig - the electrified disc fragment, - 1 run

naktos , dark scriptures, prof Elementalist shoes,pro wind walker shirt, -(5 extras)1 run

the anvil - helm of khan, hood of shifting, warrior helmet ,warriors helmet , mages hat, 2 run

the underground - weighted aegis ,pro warlord pants 1 run

Snake pit - Pro WW shirt - 1 run

warriors abode pro Thamaturgy hat, mass fumble , doppelganger, 14 runs

imp city - summon doppelganger, mass fumble (2 extra) 13 run

imp city heroic - 1 run

Heroic Imp Haven Heroic- spell book of Etherialize - 41 runs

tar-goths tomb - maul of the mysts, spell book of fumble, 15 run

The unknown-
(1 left el noob dungeon)
spell book mass fumble, (1 extra) 5 run

Barracks pro tham cowl, pro necro cowl,blessed war hammer,pro tham. pants, gust of wind book, pro necro. pants
mass fumble, prof necro. shirt, pro WW shirt (2 extra)
74 runs

possible glitch item ( tulors bounty)

Thieves hole - tar-goths bounty, sting, - 22 runs

tors crypt -
fang blade, 4 run

the foundry - Blacksmith boots, proficient wind walker boots, pro necro. shirt (extra 1) - run 6

Warriors abode - summon dopple, warriors bounty ,pro WW bandanna ,naktos bounty,mass fumble (extra 1) run 9

Tulor's - fin backpack, prof wind walker shirt , tulorite , snakes bounty,pro elemental pants pro wind walker pants pro warlord pants
summon doppelganger, pro warlord vest, Ezelberoths bounty pro wind walker shirt (10 extra) - run 47

(tulors glitch item ) proficient padding , holy bounty, enid's bounty

Heroic tulors Pro WW shirt,pro elementalist shirt,pro warlords bands finvarra backpack 5 run

(glitch item holy bounty Htulors)
monster drop glitches ( loot that the site says insnt these mobs)

ogre child - troll hide …..

Dragon Pit - Executioners axe, expert ww shirt, fafnirs eye, grafvitnir's eye, pro ww shirt, (1 duplicate item) 8 run

Heroic Barracks - expert wind walker bands, spell book elphames justice, vial of condensed light, (2 extra) 4 runs
(glitch) priestess in the barracks heroic - can dispel only your positive buffs leaving berserk/ hold/ stun in tact

(glitch your shift spell was dispelled by poison …..only ever seen in HEROIC BARRACKS from a poison bolt from King kilrog )

notes: leviathon and myself believe that the loot table is dependent on what party you have in a place we received a lot
less loot that was of rare or higher quality in a run we did alone than as a group,
we also noted a significant difference in loot when partied with different types of classes aka aswg/aiew/adet/adventurer will check on this next week when we have more 100 + classes to drag around
this could mean that the single player loot could be glitched as we received more an various types of loot when with
different people or it could have been programmed that way on purpose. we are unsure as we do not have access to such intelligence
we ran 2 groups the hitter/thief combo earned more loot than the hitter / wizard combo by double if not triple from drops / chests

VISUAL GLITCH if you scroll over some items they turn yellow instead of white

contributors to the list
Mundy - 2 thieves hole runs
TwiztidKilla - 41 heroic imp haven runs
Hound - Anvil - 1 run

mundy bounties enid bounty - opened to tor -opened to tor - coin purse
Buttercuppz & Leviathon *both working together on it in discord continuously

knight bounty X4 Adm helm- white - statue - village idiots hat - raptor helm
Minotaur's Bounty - orb
tor's bounty- belt- familiar wind walkers pants - coin pouch gold
enid's bounty familiar necromancer shoes- gold - 2 white belts
targoth's bounty - gold
naktos bounty - gold

to the developers - personal note from someone who has been paying attention to the drop rates of greens ……
the greens are not uncommon they are quite common in fact you can get 50 - 100 positively enchanted rings in less than 1 hour
of game time as well as 25-40 amulets and about 10- 15 belts this makes items like ring of intelligence ( highly sought after before)
so common that you can collect 10 - 20 in one day ….. this is 3-5 in game hours in a very low level dungeon
firstly i really wouldn't say something if i didn't think that this impacted game but it does greens are so outrageously common
that no one even looks at the white gear anymore it is all trash vendor items. it used to be that you would go after obs / invulnerable/ density
and then when you started killing furies (around lvl 50- 150) 50 wizard 150 hitter. that you would be able to get 10 - 25 greens in a day now
the drop rate is so ridiculously high you might want to think taking the green out of that … the low level blues is more like the greens used to be
doppelganger, mass fumble, this makes it harder for the economy to grow because of lack of low teir trad-able gear as you can find all of the low end greens
in about 5 minutes if hunting in the correct area at lvl 20. the drop rate in my opinion of these items needs to be adjusted to help the economy
and perhaps do some games (gm things request these items for coppers) zodan game (looking for backpack filled with so n so rings )
giving a glorious fountain ( a blue or something similar) to help even out the mass amounts of these items now clogging the server so much that people dont even
drop them in rattling run ( the only rare items im finding in RR are yellow or higher … witch means everyone that grinds
thinks that the greens / blues are easy to obtain. so they no longer help out the low people unless asked specifically for said item
it means that the uncommon is literally trash…. and i dont think that the uncommon should be vendor trash it should give a little happiness to find

current statistics from solo find greens

  • stat items 5 %
  • stat items 35 %
    whites 45 %
    yellow + 10 %
    i think that perhaps the enchanted items should look more like
  • stat items 15 %
  • stat items 15 %
    whites 40 %
    yellow 8%
    purple + 2%

this is just an opinion i expect just to be heard on the subject and considered this is a community issue some may like it this way
but the only thing moving on the market any more are very rare if not end game items … sometimes you will see a blue for sale
if someone is desperate enough .. but I.M.O. it is an overcharge for how easy it is to obtain.

no single player can get ahead with the current setup the items that everyone needs you have to have a party of 4+ to obtain
and with the link account system very few people are forming outside groups witch means players that don't have these people
to rely on do not get the end game gear. they have to grind money to obtain anything to be able to handle 600 + or have an
extremely over powered account or 5+ accounts running at the same time i hate to have to suggest this but if you want community to work more together
you might have to limit 2 screens of game limited per PC address local at 1 time. other wizy the people that 5 box - 10 box the game will continue to corner the market in
extremely rare gear.

GAMBLER KEYS are far more rare than magic rings!!!!!!!!!


I like green items because they make decent shop food. I don't sell my stuff on channel 4, I hunt shop food. Please don't change the drop rates, they just now got decent. Not everyone hunts as much or as quickly as you and your friends. I for one don't. I support 11 charactures, and it takes a lot of hunting to get enough stuff to level them. Keep the PoIs, rings, and other stuff coming please.


@Vickstress that's kinda my point 1 toon supporting 11 toons …. isnt that like saying i have a household of 11 but only need 1 part time job to get them everything they need / want . the uncommon to me now feel just as common as the common items ….. thats why im thinking they either need to change drop rates or the classification of the item (i did not suggest a huge change merely a few % difference to make it instead of 50 + good rings in a aswg bag you get like 35…. not a big decrease but as it is now there is almost no distinguishing them between commons. shop food is suppose to be items that you dont want not Uncommon items. saying that an uncommon is shopfood literally just puts my point across even further …… also im sure they are working on the loot tables to increase gold gains from higher dungeons … as you can fill 1 persons bag in a place with 5 lvl 600 + and barely get enough gold to replace their repair bills its .. a little unbalanced and im trying to help that out …..

also vicstress if you want to make some quick money go to Avalon kill the rats fairy's and such 1 to the left or up of the town you can get Plate of invulnerably density items dragon scale plate at a high drop rate / as in i earned 1m gold in about 6 hrs of grinding just the items that werent' green didn't sell the greens that day sold them separately for just about 800k gold….. bought something with the proceeds … but uncommon matching shop food standards could end up hurting the economy in the long run ……
again im not downing your opinion just showing you that the gold needs could be changed to reflect that uncommon should be less common than common items …..

also is this helping the development team at all these posts of weekly loot gained by people ??? if it is not id like to concentrate on something that is going to help the game as a whole.

Wolf (Staff)

Thanks for the Feedback,

The items you have listed as glitch items are intended to drop where you found them.

A screenshot that shows the visual glitch you reported regarding items that turn yellow instead of white would be helpful for us to see.

If you run 1 Dungeon 100 different times, you are going to come up with a different loot list for runs 1-50 compared to runs 51-100, that's why we take into account a larger set of data, I believe a member of our team tracks drop rates and makes adjustments on a larger scale.

Loot is not adjusted depending on party size, or class type.

I agree a better/more accurate name than "uncommon" should be used to describe the greens.

Players can obtain blue items if they seek them to buy on channel 3, or find them by hunting. They are also useful crafting items for higher levels! :)

Currently specific drop locations for items is all player driven data so any outside information you find may possibly include out-dated information or errors. Official information may be available in the future, but not something we currently offer. This is currently the most accurate information:

Dungeon difficulty is automatically adjusted based on party size. 4+ accounts aren't required to clear a dungeon, but of course it can be helpful!

There have been many players that obtain the highest of levels and in game wealth who only play Solo. I don't see limiting of accounts happening on Finvarra's Fortress, however, adding a way to encourage group hunting or auto-queue players for groups in dungeons with other players is something that would be great in the distant future.

Gambler Keys are more rare than Green rings yes, maybe they would be better listed as a Blue?

Thanks again for the feedback, if I missed anything or if you have further questions I'll try to answer as best I can. Have a good day! :)


you missed nothing thank you very much so i think if you know drop rates i will start updating a list of items for the realms use (where to find specific items ) and keep compiling data ty wolf i just wanted to make sure the info ws usefull before i kept up at it if yall are busy with other projects no use in piling more on yall :)