Weird interactions and un-intuitive skills feedback

Started by Southpole


Hey there - I'm a old time Realmer who has recently come back to the game. After playing for three weeks (and hitting 3k on 4 accounts) I have a bit of feedback for the dev team and would like to share. Overall I think what has been done is amazing and I think the changes and especially the prestige system is very cool!

Weird interactions: Mysticism, CC & Stun Attack Prestige
I absolutely love that you guys brought back the shrugging system for mysticism spells. I briefly came back to the Realm in 2010 and leveled up an ADEW for some PvP - but I found it incredibly boring and shallow, due to Myst immunity, so I'm over the moon that it's out. Recently I have been trying some PvP and I think while it's much improved since the myst immunity era there are still some un-intuitive interactions that can sometimes put a damper on the fun. Some of the problematic interactions happen when someone who has prestiged stun hits a stun proc on a toon that is already mysted and blue. What happens is that the toon loses it's blue and the CC indicator above them at the end of the round even when they are STILL AFFECTED by the original CC.

The other un-intuitive thing that happens is when a toon or NPC gets hit by a stun attack proc they don't turn blue or have the CC indicator - it is only seen for a brief (and when we play with F12 x 5, I mean very brief) moment. Anyway that's just a little gripe I have currently.

Class balance: Un-intuitive skills upon Prestige
Honestly my gripe here is class balance and the fact that Warriors are quite disadvantaged by the prestige system (ok the new taunt spell threw us somewhat of a bone for PvE combat but it sure doesn't compare to thief's haste or adv. adornment). I think it's somewhat unfair that Warriors end up paying many more BPs for essential skills than other classes do for skills they need. Mage gets all circles of magic for 10 BPs. Adv gets all skills for 10 BPs. Thief gets critical strike, acrobatics, weapon, and SHIELD (really?!) for 10 BPs. Warriors get a few weapons. - that's it really.

Warriors are literally the front line going in to brawl, you would think we would be somewhat handy with a shield. I'm proposing a change to 10 BP and refunding those warriors who have already learned Shield Usage 6 & 7. Just my 2c advocating for some balance between classes because as it stands unless I want to go ASGW I don't see much reason to make a warrior instead of a thief or adventurer as a melee toon.

Thanks for your consideration and long live the Realm!