Wizard Obligation / Theurgism

Started by Khego


Wizards are great, I have wizards, we all love wizards.

I also like the FF change to theurgism that it's based of endurance. It's made Wand of Zerk and to a lesser extent, Wand of Stoning somewhat relevant.

My suggestion is to lean into the theurgism stuff for those that want to play the game differently (specifically, without a AIEW) maybe some new items could help. These are just suggestions with the intent to add some alternate strategies to the solo hitter or wizardless group.

*Wand of Mass Hold
*Wand of Mass Rust (Spell itself probably needs a buff)
*Orb of Mass Heal
*Orb of Mass Invuln
*Wand of Mass Defenselessness
*Wand of Mass Curse (Fire, Poison, etc)
*Orb of Summon Daemon
*Orb of Summon Knight (Champ, Prot, EM)

Alternately, more "utility" type procs for weapons. I love using Purge for this reason. Whether the 900 weapons could have things like mass hold, curses (debuffs), summons… Or possibly alternate choices for the 300/600 weapons. I.E. You could choose Blessed Warhammer for the extra Light Dart Damage or you could choose "Poisoned Warhammer" to proc Poison Curses.

Curtis Cooper

I don't know how interested I'm going to be if everything becomes a proccing thing. Theres already so much RNG in this game.

Gimli (Staff)

Yes we have plans to add in special consumables to reduce the need on wizards :)