A new server eventually?

Started by EstoyLoco


We all like our toons and all… but I wonder if it would be fun to start a new server eventually with a new economy (items would be rare again!). Maybe it would be technically complex ?

I am wondering if I am the only one who would have a renewed pleasure to start over or many would enjoy it?

Gimli (Staff)

Hi Estoy, have you seen our new seasonal server beta Elphame's Arena?


Items are only worthless below end game tier because of population. If we were able to recruit/return/add more people demand would go higher. Very hard to balance an economy around 50-60 real players running multiple accounts.

I have seen a lot of people in game saying nothing is worth anything, yet only a handful of players on the entire server have a 900 weapon. Master gear crafting re-agents and master gear is still in high demand/shortage. There is still a good number of items in demand. Sure, 75-80% of the items in the game have little to no demand but what can we expect on a game with this low of population.

A new server would only further divide the population, penalize those who have spent hundreds or thousands of hours farming chase items/wealth while delaying the inevitable. The same exact thing would happen again on the new server within 6 months. The only way to fix that would be to significantly reduce drop rates which would make the game even more punishing/less fun.

In the end, it is difficult spot right now unless we either a) add more players or b) add more items.

I would like to point out that the history or Realm is the longest running and first MMORPG of all time. The main server was played/playable without a wipe for over 20 years Realm is already a very niche/small community hopefully we can grow it someday, somehow.

What would be nice is if the community created more of this content on their own. No one is stopping anyone from doing a solo self found challenge - try to do all the content in the game solo and only with items you've found. Try to farm a full master gear set solo without trading. Etc. I don't see any of this going on, I don't see the community creating contents/events for each other enough. Create a youtube series around it, etc.

*My 2 cents as always. Obviously there is quite a few players who have mentioned a wipe or restart - maybe seasons as Gimli suggested will work for those folks.


I agree with the above poster. A server reset does not solve many of issues that exist in the Realm, and to me, it's very unappealing.


I would only back this if it came with pretty significant system/mechanic changes.

Otherwise, agree with Southpole, you'll just end up back in the same spot.


The game has for all time had a bad economy eventually. A wipe will not fix that at all. As the other poster said, more players is what the game needs to help stimulate the economy(at least for a little while). It will always end up back to where it is though. Just how this game works lol. I personally don't attach myself to pixels as much as others, so a wipe wouldn't bother me at all. However saying that, I don't think a wipe would be the answer really. Only way I would agree to a wipe is like Khego said, if there was significant system/mechanic changes.

The game is only going to grow a decent amount if the devs find a way to either 1: afford to put a lot of ads out for it over the internet/social media. 2: They add a lot of content faster(again goes to the ability to afford to do that being a small company with such a low income from the current subscribers.

Until then, we just ride the realm wave lol.


New content +more items and higher level cap helps…the New 900 wepons are way to rare and when something is to rare it's no longer fun…. The lvl 900 wepons was a good start but way way to rare….Increase the lvl cap to 3000 after prestige Number 3 and then add more higher tier of wepons armor and jewlory with new dunegons and maybe a expansion to the realm that they could charge like 49.95 or whatever….The new expansion would add a new town that's way larger then any of them and actually add some real quests….It would also increase the cap to lvl 3000 Requiring prestige lvl 3 first…. Then there should be like 10 new dungs and 15 new world open area's to hunt in… Also add A chance for all items to be glowies… This i think would bring back more players
It's what i would like to see done and i think others would….. whatever you do tho will never make everyone happy… I my self think it would bring back quiet a few ppl and also adding the realm on Steam may also help…