Anvil Helmets

Started by MatchingPlaid


Just curious, what makes the helmet of the Khan a 750 helmet, but the helmet of the conqueror is only 550? It doesn't look to me like the khan helmet is any better, in fact it looks a bit worse. Also, hood of shifting doesn't appear to work like it reads, it says 100% chance to proc, yet it doesn't. Whenever I get dispelled, it doesn't proc at all. I'm not even sure if it's worth using, it gives a false sense of security, so I wont cast shift because I think it will proc and it doesn't. Anyway, just some thoughts as I go through Anvil getting the super helmets I never got around to getting in the original game.


I believe the Hood of Shifting is 100% proc if the enemy hits you in the head. If the enemy hits you in the chest/bracer/boots/leggings etc it doesn't proc.


This is just you misunderstanding how the game works. Like the above poster said, it's 100% chance to proc on head hits. As for HoK vs. HoC you will realize the HoK is far superior in most situations as your game knowledge develops.