Any up to date breakdowns of all the formulas and game mechanics?

Started by DLJackelope


Greetings all,

Old player returning after a long hiatus here. If you remember me- Hi.

After a friend got me back into this game I had to take a long trip. Since I've been away from the computer and unable to play I have been devouring information online. So far I have been shocked at how little there is. What I've been looking for is information on how the various stats, states of encumberance, etc. affect things like dodges per round, attacks per round, damage modifier calcs, etc. It seems like you used to be able to look up your strength and dex, compare it to armor and weapon weights, and figure out the optimal break over for attacks per round while wearing PoI vs. Mythril chest armor. Is this not a thing anymore? Have I been looking in the wrong places? Somebody help me out! Also, I see new weapons and was interested in creating my original original character who was a club user, but I'm having trouble finding out whether the actual items listed in the wiki are truly available or not.

A little more background is that I have played since beta, I used to do a lot of PvP, and have seen a ton of builds come and go. I think the last PvP build that was in vogue when I was more hardcore was like a 15/15/9/9 or something like that. The ASGW I thought became a thing because of the executioner's axe or fulorans maul or something. It had a lot to deal with the whole encumberance thing. I could be misremembering all of that, tho. Hell, I remember when giants or even elves for that matter weren't a thing. So my memory is probably very flawed. Just some nostalgia.

If you know of any interesting reads please let me know about em. Great to be back and I hope to get some enjoyment for a good while out of this new iteration! Thanks to the team for keeping the realm alive. Lots of memories here.

Grumpy (Staff)

Welcome back! The game has gone through several balancing updates. Right now there isn't a defined breakdown of mechanics but I'm sure it will come in time as things stabilize. The best way to get a feel for it right now is to talk to people and play.


Thanks for the reply. I was able to get some play time in and start to understand some. It seems like encumberance does have an effect, but I'm not real clear where all of those breakovers are and I need to run the numbers. I guess I see why the ASGW is the go to melee build now, but it is kind of disappointing as a more balanced stat player when it seems like some of the 2hander weapon weights have gone up so much. Maybe I should have rolled an adventurer to take advantage of the new stances. Gonna try out more builds and see if there isn't a place for a balanced character after all.

I'm enjoying being back, tho. Really want to communicate my appreciation for the chance to realm again.