any way to get rid of "directmusic loader failed to load MIDI music data" ?

Started by Mino


any advice how to get rid of " "directmusic loader failed to load MIDI music data" at login? (obviously I have it unchecked in the general options, but I find it redundant that every time I login, I need to click ok on the aforementioned msg.


i get a "Failed to initialize DirectSound interface. Digital sound disabled." and "we could not initialize your sound effects device" Initialization Error everytime i login. does not effect the game play. but its because i disable the sound device and sometimes use a bluetooth speaker (better sound than crappy tinny laptop speakers for playing music). (my two cents) there could be a button/tick/whatever to disable those error mesages from poping up


would love to find out about the ticker to remove the error popups. For me it shows up because I have the boxes for music unchecked

Grumpy (Staff)

That happens when you don't have the music in your game folder. Try downloading the client again and reinstalling.


This also happens to me on win 10 pro if i turn off speakers to mute realm music in favor of silence either shutting speakers or otherwise muting.
My work around is to open my realtek HD audio manager while i have one realm window open , selecting the volume control & muting just the realm online control .
This will allow other devices & apps such as dvds or media apps to work as the windows os will go with the first instance of sound & will give an not found signal to the OS which triggers the message opening a realm window gives you.

Hope this helps