Emailing All Past Customers..

Started by Mino


I was curious, when signing up for a realm account, we sign up using email. I am guessing RatLabs must have the old emails. Can't we just sent out one big email to all past customers
"Realm is now available for free" … drag them in at least and once they are hooked we get them to become noble citizens.

Some might say but they did not sign up for getting emails. How about saying "Dear Customer, we are planning on shutting down despothes server; however as a token of being an old customer we made you a lvl 200 toon on finvara server (give the toon equal stats across the board and make him an adv)

Now with the new micro transactions on stat change, that might push the returning customer to get a stat change. He'll see it as a small price to pay to get a customized 200 lvl toon.


  • Get the word of mouth out that Realm is back
  • Show that Realm now is free and doesn't have that silly Credit Card to sign up trick because in the past realm was also famous internationally. So hopefully we get the international clients back
  • In that same email of having the spin "sorry shutting down old server but hey get a new 200 toon free because you were a past customer" and by the way the new server is also FREE. Again stressing Free

The game to get good needs more players. The fastest way to get them is to tap on the players who actually played this game.

To get entirely new players might be tricky. The best thing going for the game is price and low pc specs. It can also be packaged under "casual" gaming.


This seems harmless enough and might be a good way to get a quick boost in the population. If I hadn’t seen a FB post about the new server, I wouldn’t know about this launch and would be missing out!

Gimli (Staff)

It's sadly against anti-spam and GDPR regulation to send emails to people who have not explicitly opted into this kind of marketing :(


I see two comments above in regards to shutting down the Legacy server, does this have any legitimacy to it?

Gimli (Staff)

No - legacy isn't being shut down It's currently down while we apply a code fix to it to make it compatible with the new DB schema that went in last update.


What about an Email speaking on Migrations or Old Server Shutdowns? Still viewed as advertisement instead of awareness campaigning?


@Gimli You know, you could just download an excel file and find out which of the users were in the EU. That law only applies to EU citizens. Just saying…


I got an email recently from an old company that said something along the lines of "we're emailing you because you were a customer before we had preferences, so please click here if you don't want any future emails" kind of thing. No idea the legality of it, but I obviously had not opted in with these guys.