First time here for about 20 - 25 years

Started by ThunderSoul


Anyone still here since then? I was ThunderSoul ( from Iceland )


Many players are… I played during the end of Sierra and beginning of Codemasters around 1998


I am. I quit around 1998 and I just found this again. I thought everything was gone.


Just rediscovered this too… I played during Sierra and Codemasters days. Nomadic and Zulen were my toons. Hoping they can find my characters on the legacy server!


Same.. I was playing in and around 98 and 2004 and 2011 and again Now… Way back I was Moby and Manta and hung around with people named Guiness, Rosalyn and Lord Korg


I am! I was here during Sierra/Codemasters time. As M00nQueen primarily. I just restarted yesterday.


Hello! Just found this was still around :) I also played in 1998-2000. Looking forward to diving back in. Original toon name was Kerowyne.


Hey Kerowyne, Sign up as a Noble Citizen - you will ge the most out of this experience as a Noble Citizen. If you need help lok me up as BoboGene or Manta.. PS.. I feel like I remember the name!