Holiday Scavenger Hunt - Week 1

Started by IceProject
IceProject (Staff)

The first of our Holiday Scavenger Hunts has begun! If you are one of the first 10 people to acquire the items listed below, place them into a backpack (see below), and deliver the backpack to a participating staff member (see below), you win a prize!

  • Participating Staff: Starrie, IceProject, SantaClaus, MrsClaus
  • Required Items List:
    1 Snowball,
    1 Lump of Coal,
    1 Candle,
    1 Blue Rose,
    1 Pebble,
    1 Elder Oak Leaf,
    1 Talisman of Love,
    1 Obsidianite Dagger,
    1 Expensive Wedding Ring,
    1 Amulet of Cold Protection

Note: Please ensure the backpack is engraved with your character's name, and all items appear in the exact order provided above.

Thank you, and good luck!

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