I played this game in beta

Started by Grasamo


Sadly, the account information I have on file is no longer valid. I don't even have access to the email that is probably associated with it. I imagine there is no way I'll ever recover that account. I made a new one. Nothing like starting over, I guess. :p


NEVER MIND: I didn't realize I had to create a separate game account. All good now.

I just installed the game and tried to log in. I tried with my Display name and password. Fail. Tried with my email and password. Fail. Ended up failing 3 times, and it said 3 strikes and you're out. Eh?

NOTE: Tried both the non-test servers.


Also, I did confirm the new account using the link in the email. I then tried confirming again, and it said my account is already confirmed. When I go into account information via the website, it says I don't have any registered accounts. Color me confused.


they pulled my acct up from 2000