Its back and under new management

Started by Only4You

Only4You Has been purchased from its old owners and is now under reconstruction.

For my own security I wish to remain anonymous.

This website was once the bees knees of information for The Realm Online, Although I myself am not a website coder I will endevour to restore this site to its original glory.

Understand that the ORIGINAL OWNERS HAVE ZERO INTEREST in the site any longer, That this is the work of a person who wishes to remain anonymous who's soul interest is to help provide a better service of information.

I know that some people will find this hard to believe, But for the sake of the community I ask you to keep your remarks to your selves.



Today saw the final day of configuration for the website The site is now back up and running in ALMOST full.
Alas the database for the sites search engine that once allowed users to search the entire game world for locations is still no where near complete, it was mostly erased when i got the site along with much of the games information. It will be a while yet before this function is once more available.

While searching these forums for ideas to add I run across a post asking for a trade page. This I found most interesting and therefore added a new area to finvarras with a type of forum. This should be accessible by the time of this post, I hope it proves useful for you all.



Smart move remaining anonymous. There are a lot of people out there up to no good!

Only4You Is now fully restored. Things you can find on this site are: Directions, Bounty drops locations, weapons previews, Armour previews, MTX dye colors in full, Trade pages, Location finder, spells info, Cave walk throughs, FAST leveling guides and much much more.

To use the Trade page you will have to create an account,

More Pages will follow with fresh new ideas.



Its been a quite a while since I had any time to work on this website, However I have taken some time this week to update some of the out of date Information, Finally added town maps, and spruced up the site some what. Added a few new sections and pages, One of which is the Question Vault, Which some one asked for.

It is my hopes that now this website which is once more completed will become a popular source of information for The Realm Online players once again.

Happy Realming!