Last Inventory Item Fix

Started by Gimli
Gimli (Staff)

This post isn't by me but was on the MW forums before that site was shut down. Posted here for helping others:

  1. Open up the registry edit; windows key + r and then type in regedit and enter
    navigate through HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows NT > CurrentVersion > AppCompatFlags > Layers

  2. Click on Layers and if you previous checked the "runasadministrator" box for the game, you should see the address for it on the right side, though you may have to expand the name tab to see the whole thing.
    If you didn't set the game up to run as administrator then you will need to add a new key string; just right click in the right side box then hover over new and click string value. The new string will have to be your full address for the game: C:\whatever\the\address\is\sciw.exe

  3. Then right click that and click modify and in the value data type: ~ DISABLETHEMES DISABLEDWM
    and that should be it.

  4. Reboot

I hope it works for everyone and if not I'll try and help as much as i can", "> I figured it out! with the help of google I can now access the bottom item in my inventory without the previous workaround. Here's how to do it in windows 10;


I think the sticky can go down for this right? Appreciate the automatic fix.


after using the new skin, I can't seem to see the last item in inventory. My workaround is to grab something out of the backpack to push the item from the botton to show up. However, the last item I still cannot see.

using wine/mac.

Any advice?


the reason this should be looked at is the fact that it gets a bit tricky when trying to buy stuff in trade. Imagine everytime I have to cast corn to get food at the bottom to see if the item showed up or not – looks odd.

Sam (Staff)

Replace the inventory skin with the original, wine does funky stuff to active x :(


Red uhh… Grumpy will yell at me if I switch back :) I guess keep casting corn :) oh well.
Thanks for the reply though.