legacy server updating

Started by Topdogg


is there going to be any updates to legacy or is there any want for new content on legacy? it kind of seems like its only being kept around for nostalgia reasons.


That's exactly what the devs said they were going to do with legacy. Just leave it be. They did however introduce F12 for speed as a quality of life improvement.


i was wishing for the same thing.. asked if they would even implement the ether spell or add new weapons/armor and got a big no they are going to just leave it and focus solely on FF server.. I wasn't asking for anything huge just little things. atleast a working money sink would be nice..

Redbeard (Staff)

We've been completely transparent that any and all updates that we develop will be for FF. If there was a huge push to want this we could look at it, but any and all effort we put into that takes away from FF and the new client being developed for FF.


Because the population is to low to turn over the drop rates could you maybe put the rare books & gear into shops or perhaps dungeon chests with higher chance of finding these essentials ?