Level 1000 exp Baubles in Shop...

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I have a feeling that this will face massive opposition but I would like to see a level 1000 exp bauble in the shop. Yep, it is just as it sounds. You make a new character, buy the bauble from the shop, use it, and you're 1k. Obviously this would not apply to prestige leveling but I would argue that it is even more valid but that is for another discussion. :P

I know leveling is a big part of the game, however, leveling isn't what it once was. It's not much of an adventure anymore. You simply play as many accounts as you can tolerate and aoe your heart out and level as fast as you can with hot zones. The leveling speed of multi-boxing is too efficient to not do it that way. Why level two characters when you can level 4 or 6 players at the same time and faster. Not only does multi-boxing increase leveling rate, it increases the rate of gaining loot which is never a bad thing either. More experience and more loot! Multi-boxing is an absolute win-win! You are at a massive disadvantage if you don't do it. Not to mention that multi-boxing and loot prevents grouping with other players. It is a lonely world for someone that likes to run one or two accounts.

Well, I absolutely despise leveling and hence my desire for exp baubles. I want another option to max out my character without burning myself out by running 4+ accounts. I know I can run two accounts but it depressing knowing that I am at such a disadvantage. I want to explore and hunt above ground in Avalon with a few dungeons tossed in there. I'd like to see DP too. The exp bauble is a way to provide instant access to the new areas and higher level dungeons. Of course, you can't do the higher level dungeons with only one or two characters but it at least gives you the opportunity to join someone to see them… if someone is willing.

In terms of cost, I was thinking $2.50 for 100 levels and $20 for 1000 levels.

  • Some thoughts from a discouraged player that absolutely hates leveling.


I like new ideas.

There's a mix of feelings here.

As someone who's leveled 24 toons to 2K over several months.
If someone pays $20 bucks and levels 1K that is going to rub those who have put in the time to level all their toons to 1K the wrong way. I like how they can't immediately get to 2K though.

Even when I'm leveling fast I get about 25 levels an hour after the first few hundred levels.
For this to be cool with people who have leveled a bunch of toons the costs of those baubles better be a way higher.
There's also an element of pay-to-win here and the devs don't want that to happen.

Your points on multiboxing is mostly on point. I'm not sure I would agree with more loot - since you still have to gear 5x more toons. There's also dungeon scaling that's put into play so having more than 4 actually hinders you a lot without the additional loot.

I think we can find an elegant solution here somewhere.


i believe that if this was a good idea it would have to be alot higher prices then $20 for 1000 levels for example $100 for 1000 levels and $10 for 100 levels


This wouldn’t be a bad idea, but I would change it to in game gold instead of RL cash. Maybe 10 million per 200 levels. That way the established players can burn though their money instead of their mind and help the economy at the same time.


nawwww i think people should actually play and earn xp stop bein lazy gamers


There's also an element of pay-to-win here and the devs don't want that to happen.

As a casual player, I find it hard to say that the game is not already set up as a pay-to-win.
As highlighted, the game is setup to encourage multi-boxing (which I didn't realize until about one and a half months in as I was soloing with my warrior). But not only is the game setup to multi-box, it is setup to spend $5 each account in order to speed up leveling and have access to the underground, which I just found out after taking the first step from going casual to upgrading to noble accounts.
After seeing all of the chat on how the Underground has high drop rates for gear that I needed, I decided to pull the plug and go noble as I have 3 toons over the level of 600. What a delighted surprise to find out that I still couldn't access UG since I wasn't already prestiaged. Sadly, I realized that at the rate I play, by the time I finally get my toons to be capable of entering UG there will probably be some newer content that only double prestiaged (or some other metrics) people will be able to enter. And from here the carrot is always chased and never caught.

The game is setup for people to multibox to actually progress while spending $5 a month on each account. You are literally forced to spend more money to progress farther and be able to access the newest content to give you relative gear. If you don't, then you fall behind and even after spending money are rejected to access the new content. I don't see how allowing people to simply pay up front to level compared to this system in place is any different.


I've expressed my concerns long before prestige was added, which was mainly centered around retaining both new players and current players. While many players thrive at grinding out multiple prestiged characters, a vast portion of the population does not enjoy it. However, since the new abilities and skills are gated behind a prestige, players essentially are forced to relevel from 1-1,000 again to participate in the new development. As the level and ability gap grows, new players will be discouraged at the 5.000 level wall they must face to be competitive. Yes, this is currently a PvE game with little focus on PvP, yet a players ability to obtain loot that isn't shopfood is hindered by being left in the dust. The players that grinded out all those levels and geared their characters deserve the edge, but I'm mainly looking at this from a retention standpoint. What's the point of being the most geared out/highest level character if there's no one to play with?

I support this idea proposed in this thread and personally, would like to see it applied to prestige levels. I do think leveling from 1-1,000 (even though 500+ is a drag) is helpful to learn the game and it's changes over the past year. Anything beyond that via prestige is just monotonous grinding that I did not care for.