Mini Games of the Realm

Started by Prosperity


The 'Realm Mountain' Dice Game (5 Player Rules)

(*Start) - Find the Mountain
All 5 players roll to see who starts as the Moutain. The player with the Highest Roll, 0-99, Not a 100, is the Mountain. The next 4 players, in order of highest to lowest on those intial rolls, each take a turn to defeat the Moutain. The Mountain does not roll during defending rounds, they are waiting to see if their initial roll is strong enough to defend against challenge rolls.

(*Event Example)
Mountains initial Roll is a 98, they are now the Mountain defending a 98 roll. Each other player highest to lowest trys to beat the 98. If a Challenger 1 rolls a 37, the Mountain defends with their 98. If Challenger 2 rolls a 99, they would then become the Mountain, Toppling the 98 roll Mountain down to the bottom of the challengers line. With the New Mountain's 99, they are back to being a Defender against 4 Players, the toppled Mountain being the new 4th place. If the 99 defends 4 times, they win and get the prize for that game. See the below two rules that are often needed during this game.

(*RESET Roll Example) - Roll of 100!
These rolls are typically rare, but in the event of a 100 Roll there is a chance the Challenger RESETS the entire field. The Mountain and the Challenger will now both ROLL once, Mountain First. Lets say in this Mini Game the Moutain Rolls a 37, then the Challenger Rolls a 54, the Challenger wins the RESET. All Players are reset and a New Mountain must be Found, back to Find the Mountain. The Player who rolled the 100 will win a small prize (GM Egg or Similar) for the reset.

(*Tied Roll Example)
Tied Roles againt the Mountain Offer a Percentile Roll Chance. The Challenger and the Mountain both Roll to see what their % is. Following the play example of the Mountain being a 98, if a Challenger Rolls a 98, both the Mountain and tying challenger then roll to see their percentile of the 98. Thus creating a 98.xx number versus a 98.xx, if the challenger wins with a better 98 then the Mountain, they take the perch and topple the Mountain to 4th place and need to defend their improved 98.xx 4 times.

(*Prizes Example)
Any 100 Roll has a minor award to the rolling player, typically a GM Egg, Coppering the Room, or some other small award can be offered. This is Not an Entitlement and Subject to the staff running the games decision.
Typical Prize for the Moutain can be along the same lines but will typically be announced at the start of each round of what that prize is. Some rounds can go on for a bit in the event of resets and Tie Wins.

The 'Realm Mountain' Dice Game (ROOM Version Rules)
(*Room Version) The play through is the same overall except the ROOM is Rolling as a Whole against a Single Mountain. As there are many more players typically 100s can happen more often so resets occur which increases the length of the game making it much longer. During testing of this with approx 25 players resets occured often enough we lowered the Mountain to defend only THREE times, instead of FOUR. Everything else is the same.


If you have any game tweaks you would like to suggest for my Mountain Game, please PM me, so I can consider them :^)