Necro Sdm bugged?

Started by Midgetsorous


Hello I am currently lvl 649 AieW and i have 130 necro sdm and have been told I can summon King Killrods w/ summon daemon but i can seem to only summon regular Kilrogs. My gear as follows is , Exp nec Hat,shirt,pants,shoes,bands- weapon is Fangs and a pro ele cowl at the moment. so according to /state my sdm for necro is 130. Friends of mine have told me they can summon KKs at 115 necro sdm.. can someone please look into this for me cause its driving me crazy lol. thank you


Your level has a much larger impact on your spell damage than gear. I would assume your friends is at least 100 levels higher than you.

Gimli (Staff)

You will need to be level 800 before you can summon a KK with that SDM bonus!


well that explains a lot .. thank you Zangulas and Gimli ….