*New Speed In Game is Terrible*

Started by Vickstress


This slower speed in town is terrible. It needs to go back to F12 right away. It takes too long to get anywhere. Please at least speed it up some. This is from someone that has 9 paying accounts and spends many, many MTX dollars a month on Realm (just check my credit card number). I don't think you want to lose my business. Thanks Vicki


6 paying accounts here. I really don't want to unsub either, but the game as-is is unplayable. Please correct the speed issue ASAP.


Thanks for everything you guys did to bring The Realm back. I've definitely had fun, but I can't see myself continuing subscriptions without the speed increases. GLHF mates


I came back like 3 days ago and resubbed 6 accounts Tuesday night. I was enjoying things and planning to stick around for a bit but I guess it just turned out to be a little side trip. If you really want to change their minds then quit playing. Otherwise things will never change. Leverage is only leverage if you are willing to use it.


I was just thinking of coming back. Does this mean F12 works outside of town but just not in town? Or did they take F12 away completely?


Gimli (Staff)

All animation changes were reverted on Finvarra's Fortress. F12 works the same as it always has.


Great! I'm not playing again :)


@Gimli just shows how detached your team is from the game, to even thing that would have been wise. Seriously get someone else on the team with direction and understanding so the realm can move forward


wont be resubbing till some serious changes begin. Not wasting my time here on a game that shows no progress sorry. Dont misunderstand me i love the realm and always will.. love the player base as well great people. but this game needs some love