Started by Gethonorbro


Hello everyone, brand new to the game. Any beginner tips? Things I should know to ease my intro to this game, anything you've got I imagine would be useful. :)


Currently there is a lot of multi-boxing (playing two chars at once). The two most common character types are all intelligence elf wizards and all strength giant warriors. These are often run together (so that they benefit from each other's strengths and cover each other's weaknesses.) These are somewhat "min-max" characters trying to get the "most" out of each. If you are doing a solo character, I would say play around with a classes and see what style you prefer.
For initial leveling and building up money going solo - a warrior or adventurer is a good place to start. Ratling run (east of the East Leinster teleport) is the starting zone. If you work counter clockwise around Leinster (Ratling Run to North Havenwood to West Havenwood to South Havenwood) it will follow your level as you progress. Like Harry said - asking chat in-game is a great source for tips/tricks/places to go next.
Welcome to one of the longest running MMO's!