Playing on a MAC

Started by Widdle


Hi there! Anyone have a couple seconds to help walking me through how to get setup for Mac? I tried download Quartz 2.7.7, and Wine Stable, and The Realm file - but not sure how to put all the pieces together. A msg here or PM would be greatly appreciated! Looking forward to the trip down memory lane


Hey there,

Don't bother with any of that. Just download the following link and play.

To multibox, you will have to copy the realm file into the APPLICATIONS folder multiple times. So if you want to multi-box 6 accounts, then copy the file 6 times into the applications folder.

Could set it up as
Realm 1
Realm 2
Realm 3
Realm 6

Also, try to ensure you place the 6 boxes at the same position on your screen every time. I say this, because you might have a box crash. If you recall the number of the file based on the position of the screen, then you can easily click on the app in applications folder to open it up again.

Also, the music is messed up a bit. If you uncheck the boxes in the general / options menu, do not be surprised that you get 2 error boxes at login. Just play normally.


Oh and there is a speed hack for the animation. On mac I had to press the fn button + f12 (5 times I think is to get max speed). It basically makes the toons move faster across the screen.

(do not confuse that with f4 that closes the program)


Hey Mino!

Thanks for helping out! So, I downloaded the file, which then unzipped turns into RatLabs - but when I go to "open" the app - nothing then happens after that. Issue sound familiar?


sorry for the late reply. hmm, for me, I unzipped the file and moved the file to the applications folder (via finder). then clicked it and it worked.

No clue how to help -sorry


Doesn't work for me either on 10.14.2, when I double click the unzipped file nothing happens. A bummer but I think I was looking for 2.0 game aesthetic anyhow.

I went down the Youtube rabbit hole and found a guy named "LGR" that reviews and still uses old PC hardware and it got me nostalgic about the Realm, but it looks like the new updated vibe isn't the original