Prestige System & Thoughts

Started by StuckIn1995



Having played through new content, hot zones etc. Prestige system feels pretty good / nice upgrade over previous Realm iterations.


I feel like expanding the prestige system even further was a mistake, and I think they're going about it the wrong way with trying to keep people interested in the game in the long term… Gamers are definitely different than they were back when this originally launched, so I doubt you'll get people just standing around and enjoying the game for what it was like they used to, but this level of forced commitment through subscription isn't the way. I would look more at adding new items to find and balancing the ones we have better, so that there is much more variety with what is "good" and what isn't, expanding and balancing the dungeon content for solo and group play in some way, and/or maybe add new an interesting locations.


I think if people use and test the test server you'll eventually see a lot of good stuff get to the game. As for dungeons, they did add scaling in so it should be more friendly towards solo and grouping for whichever way you choose to go.


+1 to EoD_RealmBoy ideas. They took out all of the cheese leveling techniques to get back to 1K again too :(.


But hey that's just my opinion. Hopefully at some point something is done to bring some new people in to the game. Maybe there is some kind of long term plan (mobile, browser support, etc.) we'll see. To be clear, while most of my post is opportunities of a difference of opinion - I have always provided solutions or - what I perceive as a solution rather than just complaints. In a lot of ways the updates, new launcher, and new content has been a huge success - it just depends on what your idea of success is. I always wanted to see around 1,000 concurrent players online again because I think that's what we'd need to see some PvP and a healthier economy.

Hope everyone is having fun.

I think there is definitely the ability to get 1,000+ concurrent players still. Hell even 500 would be a HUGE boost. I think first there needs to be a lot of work done though. Steps appear to be being made in the right direction though but it will take time.

Before you should actively advertise and try to garner new or returning old players a few things need done. A new client has to be out, working, and easily available. The client as is works, but new players would undoubtedly have issues getting it to run properly and you risk losing players before they even get to experience the game due to frustration.

You need to have a balanced and fun game that people can pick up and play and not be lost due to not knowing or having resources to find out accurate information about said game. Steps are being made with the test server to build a solid foundation for the game, and the better that goes then the better the game will end up. Then one can work on creating and maintaining an accurate and up to date wiki that new players and returning old players can utilize as a resource to the game.

Once those things are in place and 100% then you can market to the appropriate places and have a high hope of retaining players who return or check it out for the first time.