Release the game for mobile?

Started by Snipe


With the large amount of mobile players these days (and the graphics on the games played not being super great, which makes the realm competitive in that market), maybe it would be a good idea to try to make the realm cross-platform for mobile. Ever given it any thought? Runescape just did it last year and it's been a huge success, and actually brought a TON of players to the game.

So even a 800-1500 influx of players would be huge for this game. If you're going to keep doing updates, I think it's a good idea. As long as new content keeps coming, it's possible to keep people entertained and playing. I just recently came back and love all the additions to the game, especially hotzones (although I wish there were more options every day) and the new gear.

Anyways, thanks for reading.


Did you see the latest State of the Game stream?

They showed a WIP version of the client running in Unity. A foundational change, from there you can expect something being out on mobile platforms.


Oh man that's great news! I would love to see this game pick up a ton of players. I just hope they use a server good enough support the influx of people.


Still want to see this happen. Mobile version comes I’ll subscribe fully again it’s just easier for me to game on iPad nowadays

Gimli (Staff)

We have been making great progress on the new client. Take a look at our developer blog!


I appreciate this greatly and will continue to support the game in any way possible. Thank you Gimli.


Any update on the Mobile version of the game?