Small experiment with Str/Intel movements on balanced warrior char

Started by DLJackelope


Hello all,

I wanted to share with you some data from a recent experiment I did using my main toon. I'm not a scientist or statistician, so I'm sure I could have done better, but perhaps it will be beneficial to all to have a look at the data.

One of my main toons is a human warrior with balanced stats of 12/14/11/11. This is a throwback to the old Realm circa 1999-2000. I was big into lvl 500+ PVP, and at the time balanced builds were dominating the PVP circuit. 15/15/9/9 was a very popular elf build, but I liked having a little extra intel and endurance, and I hate elves, so the human warrior 12/14/11/11 was the build I came up with. I had decent success with it, and often could simply out last the 15/15/9/9 elf builds through creativity, endurance, and with better heals. They'd often be confused as to what my stats were (many would assume human wizzie), and wouldn't quite know how to approach the fight until we were halfway through it. In this new Realm, it seems the developers have shifted the mechanics a little bit, and with new weaponry out there pure warrior or pure wizard builds are more the thing. So with that in mind I got it into my head to pay for stats to convert to 16/14/7/11. But of course, like any curious realmer would do, I decided I'd run the numbers to see the effects from the switch.

Mostly I was curious as to how the drop in intel was going to affect my critical strike damage output. I have read that INT + DEX are the two stats used to calculate critical strike %, but the exact formula is not something I've seen yet. Would the increase in MDM% thanks to STR be offset by a drop of 4 in my INT? Well, here are the numbers and the methodology:

All stats in both builds are taken from Ascetos Desert vs. Hell Snakes and Wyrms. Levels of opponents was not controlled. Player level was 602-605 throughout the experience. GM Club, GM Crit Strike, same gear both evolutions, FIVE Bonecrusher, but stats are physical damage only (as registered by the text scroll in combat). Single opponents, any rounds where the opponent died were eliminated.

12/14/11/11 Build-

Hell Snakes average physical damage per round- 2966.76
Hell snakes average physical damage per round minus highest and lowest rounds- 2934.08
Total of 14 hell snakes, 26 rounds of combat

Wyrm average physical damage per round- 2813.39
Wyrm average physical damage per round minus highest and lowest rounds- 2805.88
Total of 12 Wyrms, 46 rounds of combat

16/14/7/11 Build-

Hell snakes average physical damage per round- 3508.1
Hell snakes average physical damage per round minus highest and lowest rounds- 3482.10
Total of 17 Hell Snakes, 30 rounds of combat

Wyrm average physical damage per round- 3586.89
Wyrm average physical damage per round minus highest and lowest rounds- 3581.18
Total of 15 Wyrms, 35 rounds

So, as you can see the gain in STR far outweighed the loss of crit chance from the drop in INT.

Some things I wish I had done, but was too lazy or didn't think about it:
-Average heal amount from 11 INT to 7 INT.
-Total damage increase
-Number of criticals over the course of the iterations

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear any thoughts you have on these numbers or the experiment itself.


i don't have any numbers but i too am interested in adjusting my base attrs… i too was playing a balanced build in the late 90s and did well with PVP many times causing my opponent to try and guess my stats or yell at me cause i shrugged them regularly. when i joined back this year i rolled something similar but i am not sure it is ideal these days. i was thinking as you that raw str over intel wouldn't sacrifice too much on my critical strikes.


If you do it you should gather data and share it with us! I definitely get mysted more often now, even with warriors helm. Spells are also not as effective but I'm always dual boxing with a 189 wiz so not as much need compared to back in the day when we were all solo.

I'd like to do a dex comparison next