Sorcery attunement

Started by Shanon


I was just reading a bit more about several subjects and found out I messed up a bit:-)
I'm level 2000 and untill now I alway's tought I can enchant/perm as a 204 wizzard (my SDM is 204), but from what I have readed now, that's not right.
My sorcery is still level 5 (easy to fix) , but I also need Sorcery Attunement.
Now my questions:

  • I have no idea if I have Sorcery Attunement, where can I see this?
  • If I don't have it, how can I get it?
    Answers would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Cruela,

Sorcerer’s Attunement is a trinket like Melee Perfection, etc. it can be found in heroic caves, Avalon, DP, the underground, etc. They are also on sale on channel 3 for around 800k-1 mil.

Good luck!

BeeR30 alt MonTE

I was told the sorc attunement trinket is to allow you to chant 6x….so if you're not interested in 6x'ing things I wouldn't worry about it..?


I am not so sure if it is only for 6x, I think that without it your chant abbility's still are at 189 SDM, because (what I was told!) you can see if you have sorc attunement is to enchant 3 times, the 3th time should still be at 90%, while without it, it is at 81% (even if your SDM is 204). This means that also for your chants 3th-4th and 5th time, you have greater chanche to succeed with it.
This is how I understand it now, but I might be wrong.