State of the Game Questions - 10-15-2019

Started by Sam
Sam (Staff)

Please post questions that you may have here, please only ask one question per line.


Love the game and have alot of fun when I am on.

Loot tables seem nerfed since last update.

Why has Duach's Crystals now act defuncted when used in combat?

What new items are we gonna see?

MW week 1 Baldric? Lime Baldric? MW Week 2 Baldric? Olive Baldric?

ETA on new client?

Name Changes? Character Rerolls not just stats but race and class?

Prestige Skills 5 and 6 where are they at if they are Prestige 2 needed skills?

Moving ToD Prestige Skill Only Drops to other places?

Limit Multiboxing to 3 accounts instead of 6.

Any chance of moving skill baubles around to drop more often (ie pay to play areas)

What about making MTX items non tradeable??

Also want to say thank to all the staff for the work they put into The Realm Online. You guys are great. Great improvement in last few weeks with communication from the Dev Team to playerbase.


I feel the game is going really well! It's a lot of fun. It's addictive. We have content for players at all skill level. I still haven't achieved completely maxxed out characters, but I'm on the way to doing so. So I hope there are plans for Prestige 4, 5, 6 and the ability to learn additional skill tiers?


Is the dev team happy with current drop rates? Any observations on the economy? The copper baubles at the end of the dungeon was a nice addition. But is there any consideration to diversifying the product mix and loot tables? Could there be a possibility for NPCs to drop "Tweaked" items, like rare items that have adjusted stats such as a helmet with an unusual armor rating? That could rev up the economy


Trading is fun part of the game. But lately there seem to have been fewer buyers and sellers. Consumer confidence seems low. How can we get more people involved in our economy and stimulate trading again?


How about mass group kills of World Bosses and sharing of the bounty. Make the World boss so he can be killed by 15 or more different players. This is practiced in several other online games that my husband plays. You might have to get rid of combat clouds so you can see who's killing the boss, to insure it's not the same person. This is has already been done in older games that have been around for several years.


Don't change Multi-Boxing size, if people want to pay for numerous accounts, let them.


Make Dragons & Slimes loot tables more expensive and worth your time and effort for killing such high ranking and dangerous creatures.

Let Skill baubles drop off creatures in pay to play areas or somewhere else, where they are more available, I'm tired of seeing the same people get the same bounties all the time.


-Are there any plans for new clothing/armor models (i.e. cloaks/spaulders)?

-Is guild development still on the road map?

-Do you anticipate any customization-related elements to be added in the future? For example, a cosmetic banner could be implemented where players could spend gold to customize the banner’s icon, border, colors etc for their house or their character’s bio screen.

Lastly, this is something I don’t think the team hears enough. Given the limited time and resources, you guys are doing a great job and it’s apparent that the team cares about the game. The recently-improved communication does not go unnoticed.


  1. What is the silver coin going to be used for?
  2. The Trello page is somewhat vague on timelines, House interiors and doors will be available when?
  3. The video clip for moving basement door seems simple enough, but will this be free or sovereign?
  4. I know there are 3 more updates to the end of the year, anything specific we can be told about?


Please add guilds.

Please make armor bound by email address.


Make scamming against ToS, so people feel more confident to trade and there will be no need for trade windows. It's a silly notion to say that, "Scamming is a part of roleplaying". Scamming turns new people away and it's just pure laziness on the scammers part. He doesn't have to go out and hunt for goods. I know life's not fair, but this is a game, not life.


You all have done a wonderful job, and I am appreciative of all the new updates you have been doing.


i will also vote for trading window thats been a thing requested since old realm

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